Sunday, March 16, 2008

(Fun in the Sun, Day 2)

I woke up earlier today. Something buzzes in the bedroom. I have yet to discover it, but it's very annoying.

I went for a quick bike ride this morning, by myself, as my mother was taking the dog to the vet to have some staples removed. I didn't do the marathon ride we did the other day, but just a quick ride down the road to the beach.

I don't recall seeing them yesterday, but today the beach was covered with dead sea urchins. It was ... rather sad, actually. All these dead sea urchins. Were they dead before they washed ashore, or did they die afterwards, suffocating in the air?

What can I say, I have morbid thoughts.

Then we went to play mini-golf. I hit the ball way too hard and I wound up hitting it off of the green almost every shot. There is also this one hole that has a water shot that you have to hit the ball into the water and have it run down and onto the hole. So, mom goes and hits the ball into the water and down it goes. And dad goes and hits the ball and down it goes. And I hit the ball and.. it hits an eddy and twirls around without going down. Then it starts to go UP stream. I mean.. c'mon! Upstream?

Afterwards, we have lunch at the Longhorn and then we go S'platters, the ceramics place. I didn't find a my little pony, but I did find a dragon. So I painted a dragon. I won't get to see what it looks like for a little bit, since they have to fire it. But it was very much fun. I'm going to look and see if I can find a place like it where I live, because you could do plates and mugs and all sorts of interesting things, mosaics, glasswork... I had a good time and before I realized it, they were closing! I had spent almost 3 hours painting a little figurine.

Got home and had some excitment, as Katie makes a mad dash out the front door and starts to go running all thoughout the condo complex.... and out into the road! We had to head off two cars that she tried to kill herself with until we could get her caught. Have you ever tried to catch a running Greyhound? Then naturally, once we got her inside, I notice that she's bleeding and because she went running around on some concrete and stone like an idiot, she tore her front pads to shreds.

That was most of my day. Had dinner, got icecream, post this. Lastly, I'm going to play some Gin 500 (house rules!) with my mom.

One annoying thing about my trip... every time Chloe does ANYTHING, my dad takes pictures, then immediately makes it into a home movie and shows it to us. Like we didn't just watch her do it 2 minutes ago. Don't get me wrong. She is cute. And home movies are fun to watch. But... I just watched her do it, I don't need to see a home movie, do I?

So ends (almost) day 2. I may go take a dive into the pool tonight again, but we shall see.

I know this isn't WoW related, which is why the title is in parenthesis. But this is still something I'm ... I don't know, typing about. I should probably post it in my MySpace blog, which has more to do with my real life than gaming life.

But I know you guys want to know what I'm doing. Who doesn't? So I'm going to post it here, too.

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