Sunday, February 17, 2008

You DO kick ass!

I'm doomed, it seems, to never be able to finish a heroic daily. The last two times I've tried, I've gotten to the last boss that we have to kill, we wipe, then I have to go.

Shadow Labrynth. Murmur. It isn't a raid night (for me, at least). We breeze through -- Vorpil down in under 1 teleport. (Literally, he was at 3% when we had our first teleport - close enough for me to call it - under 1 teleport. With as many DoTs on him, he didn't live long enough to even start ticking down his Rain of Fire.)

We get to Murmur. Our tank and our healer don't quite have the concept of avoiding his sonic boom down very well. So we wipe. And then my new guild leader, Gaj, gives me a tell and says, "Kikidas, we NEEEEEEED you to come to help us kill Hydross the Unstable! We have no hope without you! Come save us!"

Well, I'm paraphrasing.

So I have to leave. I beg one more shot at Murmur, but then as we're heading back in, we have respawn. And I have my guild leader begging me to come save him from the savage horde that is the other 23 people of a SSC raid.

Today. It's 10am. I get in a group to do heroic slave pens, today's heroic daily. We have a few wipes, a few funnies (haha! I died AGAIN! This is hilarious!) and a few obligatory 'Whew, how did we live?' moments.

At one point in time, the rogue we were partying with (I do not know this rogue, to my knowledge.) gives me a tell, out of the blue, with 'You do kick ass'.

Now, to my defense, I did not subtly prompt that comment with any little 'oh, I hope I'm doing enough DPS. Am I doing okay?' or any other such coy attempts to get praise. Nor was there any commentary on the damage meters or anything like that.

It's nice to know I truly am universally loved.

Anyway, we get to Quag, for some odd reason Bite dies so we lack his buff, and we wind up wiping twice. The third time we're coming back in, I look and realize it's almost 2pm! And I have to go to the pharmacy to pick up medicine. The pharmacy is down by where I work. Which is 20 minutes away from my house. The pharmacy closes at 3pm. The weather is something described best in the last part of 'The Day After Tomorrow' where you can see the ice forming out of the moisture in the air!

So I have to leave before we finally down Quagmirron.


I do kick ass.

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