Thursday, February 7, 2008

Raids, Guilds and Ever Quest.

Sorry I haven't posted in the last ... oh gosh, almost a month. I know you missed me. You know you missed me. A month without K is like a month without amusing sunshine.

I have a lot on my plate and I don't mean just what's for dinner. Real Life is always a fun hurdle but nothing anyone here needs to know about! Not that I don't love you and not that you aren't just wanting and waiting to find out all sorts of neat RL things about me so you can stalk me, but I'm just not that public of a person. I'm rather private and shy, you know. And humble. Let's not forget humble.

Anyway, I've been raiding with my guild usually Monday evening and Friday evening. At least I was. Alleria has had a queue issue lately and I think a bunch of people in the guild changed servers. At least, I assume that's what they did, rather than simply delete their characters, because I don't know why I wouldn't be able to send them in-game mail otherwise.

So, what happened is this: My husband, Boon, got EQII because he's a sucker for punishment. He made me do the free-trial that comes with EQII. And every day, when I get home, it's EQII. Which, I will give it the credit it's due: it has it's moments. Character creation is more detailed. There are more classes. There are more races. There are skill-chain-like-things. There are shiny things on the ground you can pick up. Crafting is more intricate (is this a pro, or a con? I can't decide).

The downside is the amount of running around you have to do. The animation on my computer is a bit choppy. I lag in every town and city. Anytime something pops up in my background, my computer crashes because EQII doesn't like when things pop up in the background. And since when does an even match have a greater than 50% chance of killing me? (Okay, slight exaggeration, I don't die often, and when I do it's because I do something really stupid, rather than because I'm fighting a single mob that's yellow or white. That's pie. But still.)

So, I left WoW for less than five days. I stopped in last Friday and there was a mini-raid scheduled. There were people in the guild. Yay, all's well. I log back out since the mini-raid was Karazhan and I don't need Kara on my 'lock. On Monday, I log back in for my regularly scheduled raid evening and BAM. There are 26 people in the guild. Mass exodus. A guild message that says 'This is the end!'.

And I think... damn, I didn't know I was THAT popular. I go away for three days and look what happens!

But here's the clicker. The guild leader, a good paladin named Fragh, is away until the 16th. But we don't have a guild left. If people left for other guilds or just transferred servers. I don't know. I don't know if he's going to try to rebuild or just call it. Some of my favorite people in the guild are no longer on Alleria for one reason or another.

Word of what was happening to my guild must have spread, because 5 minutes later I get a headhunter tell. Before I realize that Fragh is on vacation and is away until the 16th, I say 'sure', and I fill out an application to another guild. Surprise surprise, they say 'Yes, you can join us!'. After that happens, someone logs on and says 'WTF!', erases the guild message and says 'That wasn't Fragh putting that up. Fragh is gone on vacation! We'll see what's going on with the guild when he gets back.'.

So my dilemma. Do I wait until the 16th to go to this new guild, to see if Fragh will rebuild again? Do I tell Fragh that my limited raid time makes me a liability to a guild that's going for end-game? Do I even bother to raid anymore?

What do I do? I'm in a quandry.

WWRD? (What would Richard do?) .... (other than kill everyone, that is.)


  1. Stick with the new guild and when Fragh comes back, see what his intentions are. If he wants to rebuild -and- you want to be part of that rebuild, go back to Innovation.


  2. The mighty Owaru has spoken!

    I also looked at their raid calender on No Drama (I'm a No Drama warlock right now, woot. :P) and my raid days are 'pre-made BG' days.

    I may not stay long at that rate. We shall see. :)

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