Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's all about the love...

If you go to and type in Kikidas. I'm the top hit. No seriously. My armory page apparently is the first thing that pops up on Google. Not so on Yahoo, but Google loves me.

Andy Kikidas, patent holder and avid golfer, sorry, you're just not as loved as I am. You have more things about you online, but Google says I'm #1. You're merely #2-10. :P

And Yahoo... what's wrong with you? Someone's web photo that has a young warlock Kikidas in Scarlet Monastery listed in one of the pictures is #4 or 5 on your list, but the rest is that Andy fellow! What's up with that?

On another note...

So, it's Valentine's Day. I hope people spent it with loved ones, doing something enjoyable. Now, this doesn't mean that on normal days I hope you spend those days with hated people doing something you detest. Every day you should say that you love your spouse, significant other, family, friends and Kikidas.

You never know what tomorrow will bring, so don't put off telling those you care about how you feel.

Richard... I love you. (Boon, I love you too. But you're no Richard, sorry.)

Now back to your regularly scheduled Kikidas.

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