Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A story of Boon

Most of you who know me, know Boon. Boon is my husband's paladin. If you know my husband, you know why he's a paladin. Boon is also the name of his character on Star Wars, Minos Cluster. D'artagnan Boon (no one ever accused Boon of having an over abundance of imagination with names!), who father's name was Athos or one of the other musketeer's, started out as a lowly New Republic Special Forces agent, ie: the police. He started small, had a few escapades that should have killed him whilst he was a lowly 4D character but due to luck and other people being nice, didn't. Eventually, he worked his way up to being one of the hardest people on the game to kill, he could dodge like Neo, shoot like someone who shoots really well, fight like Jet Lee and Jackie Chan mixed together, and started everything he said with a pun. He also was one of the few 'really hard to kill' people who wasn't a jedi. He became the leader of the New Republic, General Boon.

Occasionally, the admin would throw a 'world tinyplot' out there, where the Empire and New Republic had to work together to save the entire cluster. The hard part was always opening up discussion between the two factions.

The last time this happened, we needed to open discussion with the Empire, but they were being assholes about it. They're the Empire, it's kind of what you expect. So Boon flew to one of the Imperial border planets and walked up to their garrison. He knocked on the door. This private or ensign or someone opened it and he waved at her. And introduced himself. And she, according to Boon, did amazingly good roleplay for the situation. She called him 'sir', saluted him and when he invited himself in, she gave him a tour of the facilities. You know, flustered newbie who suddenly gets a visit by ... General Boon. Holy shit. What do I do? "Uh, hello, General Boon, sir.. would you.. like to come in?" is how I imagine the story goes. This is the man who could single handedly take out a stormtrooper squad. And he's asking how the weather has been and is Commander Hawk around. Oh dear.

He also single handedly killed a dark jedi. Well, sort of. The dark jedi was on the NR's main planet. Walking around. In 'political discussion' with the ex-president of the area, who happened to be a light jedi. You'd think -- what discussion? Discussion with light sabers?

But whatever.

The dark jedi is walking along the beach, where a lot of NR officers have homes. Boon's character and my character, the sluissi Kylariss, were married and lived on the beach. I know, I know.. a snake and a human? What? It's Star Wars. Live with it.

The dark jedi sees Boon and stops to talk to him. Boon calls in the rest of the active NR military people who are hanging around, not liking the dark jedi on the planet one little bitty bit. But they can't do anything. The dark jedi isn't threatening or whatever. He's just talking to Boon.

He smugly says, "How is your wife?" and points at Boon's house, which is past Boon. Boon, the paladin, suddenly grasps his head and staggers to the ground, moaning, as though he's in horrible hideous agony.

The rest of the troops watching make the conclusion that the dark jedi just mentally attacked Boon. They've seen it happen before, they're the New Republic!

Ten of the New Republic's best fighters open fire on the lone dark jedi. And he dies.

Boon, having faked the attack, single handedly killed a dark jedi. Of course, he never let on that it wasn't a real attack. And ICly, neither could the dark jedi, because he was dead. As far as everyone was concerned, the dark jedi let his true colors show and attacked the General. Case closed.

I love that. (The admin gave him a DSP for that, even though he didn't use a force point and he isn't force sensitive, so he shouldn't have gotten one for doing an 'evil act'. They justified it by saying as the General of the NR, he should have higher standards or something, and that by deliberately doing an evil act gets a DSP. No wonder most of the old characters retired from that game, stupid favoritist admin.)

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  1. OMG I have been trying to find you two forever. :) You knew me as Mercer on Minos. Please contact me soon as you guys can. warriorpoetex@gmail.com