Monday, April 13, 2009

So many alts, so little time...

Yes, I am still on 'hiatus'. But I do still play here and there with my husband and our friends.

Last night, at the urging of one of our friends coworker, we went to a PvP server where we rolled Horde.

So now I have a level 9 Belf Priest. Named Kaelthia. She has red hair. And big gold hoop earrings.

As I was setting up my bars, I discovered that I have a set way of doing my action bars that tends to hold true for all of my characters.

From the center buttons (-098) to the left are my offensive abilities. Any defensive or healing abilities go from the center buttons away to the right. Buffs for some reason are on the far left, as are racial abilities. Who can figure out why I did it that way? I just do. There must be some wonderful rationale, as I've done it and been doing it for the last ... how many levels collectively have I leveled? Anyway, for at least that long.

Up the right side are where my non-combat abilities go, tailoring, first aid, fishing, food, potions and usually in the bottom ride side are where my mount buttons go.

Yesterday I was on Kiljara for a little bit and I kept being ... very confused.

Her offensive abilities were where they should be... but her mount buttons and self buff buttons (not fort, spirit or inner fire, those are in their proper place!) were on the wrong side. I kept clicking Power Infusion while trying to get on my mount. Likewise, her healing buttons are up on the right action bar. And I have no idea where her psychic scream or fade buttons are. Which can be problematic.

I think I'm going to have to figure out a better way to organize my bars. Hard to imagine that there may be a better way than I already have, but ... For someone with as many alts as I have, the fact that I haven't gone insane trying to remember everything for everyone is miraculous (but no more than the norm for me.). I need to make it a bit easier on myself. Because trying to figure out where my healing buttons walked off to when I'm being eaten by a monster isn't fun.

On a side note, according to Boon, my guild misses me. Apparently, without me around, they have to get their answers to various questions from General Chat or alt-tabbing to the internet.


In terms of the new Hordling... I don't think it's going to level very fast or well, considering that we probably won't be playing them very frequently or long. Just another fad.

(Belf's still are pretty as long as they aren't moving. As soon as they walk, jump, cast or try to hit stuff with a weapon, they look like complete dorks. So pretty, yet so useless.)

So today's mental exercise is going to be figuring out a way to organize my bars across the various characters and classes that I play so I have something that gels smoothly from one to the next. (As opposed to previous mental exercises which usually involved trying to remember how many pulls it takes to get to the end boss in Ramparts. Egads. I can't remember his name! I feel ashamed. I must go beat myself in the head with a lamp now.)


(*scurries off to the internet*)

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