Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Malygos fall down go Boom

On Monday night we finally got Malygos down.

We had a few wipes, though with only one (two) exceptions made it to phase 3.

Exception One: It's 10-man Malygos. Our rogue has the 25 man key. Our paladin suggests that he try it and see if it starts 10-man Maly. The rogue (for some reason), decides to listen to the paladin. Lo and behold... it does. We die.

Exception Two: We had one of his scatter-AoE attacks immediately before he did a Vortex. With a discipline priest, a holy paladin and a resto shaman, we were a little shy on the instant-cast heals, so we lost four people when we landed.

At the very end of the instance, our holy paladin turns to me and says sheepishly, "Uh K... you don't want to know what I was wearing."

I turn to give him the look and ask, "What?"

"My ret pants and trinkets."


So, as of Monday night, Knights of Utopia on Alleria has completed all current 10-man content. And got no few of our raiders the Champion of the Frozen Waste title.

I was in there as Karika, so I have a lot of work yet to do in terms of instances to run. Surprisingly, she hasn't done as many as I had thought she did. Who knew?

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  1. Does Karika need AN or HoL still? Those have been on Nesh's list for a very long time.