Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Nerfing of Mor'Ladim

Yesterday Boon and I were running around Raven Hill. In time honored fashion, we got surprised by Mor'Ladim. In time honored fashion, we squealed like little girls and ran away. (Eeeeeeeee!)

A little later, we got the quest to kill him. We looked at each other and said, "Why not, we can try."

And then we proceeded to wallop the level 30 elite that he now is. I seem to remember him being a higher level elite, and being much harder to kill.

It took some of our pleasure of defeating him away, when we realized that Mor'Ladim got whacked with the nerf bat.

New generations of WoW gamers will never know the fear and the triumph of the old Mor'Ladim.

Or many of the other classic things that we old gamers once knew, feared and loved.

It's sad.


  1. If I remember correctly he used to be a lev 35ish elite. I've had to kill him 3 times for 3 characters and its always a thrill... or terrifying, depending on how it goes.

  2. Yeah, all the mobs over there got nerfed. Mor'ladim, Morbent Fel (I think that;s his name), Abercrombie's bride, etc. Oh, he'll still put a hurting on you if he surprises you, but if you get to pick the fight, he's a lot lot easier.

  3. Stitches was always a butt kicker. I wonder if he still is. I remember a long time ago a level 40 warlock tried to help us kill him and died along with us. It always scared the crap out of my brother and I everytime we saw him going down the road for Darkshire.

  4. They nerfed those mobs. Mor'Ladim was a bitch. He was higher level, so he had an immense aggro range and would pummel you before you could run. Stitches is still tought though.