Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keiji goes to Wintergrasp

I have been doing well in my hiatus.

The first week, I logged in only to do Wintergrasp with Kikidas, angling for the Titan-Forged Hood of Dominance.

Finally, I did get it. One of my companions in game, an individual known as Brem, would give me tells teasing me about my online appearance. It was like clockwork, said he! Naturally I blamed Boon entirely.

I have rediscovered walking my dogs and what idiots they are. (Ooh Squirrel! ... Ooh Leaf! ... Ooh Car! ... Ooh Poop!)

I have taken naps with my kitties and discovered that the bunny gets jealous when I have naps with the kitties. (He then proceeds to jump up on me, and then jump on them growling until they leave. I had to protect my 10 pound cats from the 2.5 pound minibunny. Pathetic.)

I have started to watch Buffy again and marvel all over again at how silly the vampires look. (Really, I get all bloodlusty so my face does this wierd evil-Klingon impression? Riiight.)

I have done load of laundry after laundry, and actually put them away instead of just stacking it downstairs in a messy pile that winds up needing to be washed again because 1: wrinkles and 2: cat hair (apparently laundry piles make wonderful cat beds).

I have cleaned my kitchen and my living room. (Fantastik > Cinch imnsho. Fantastik has OXYPOWER)

I organized the office (specifically the pet storage area that was looking like a miniature supernova went off, who knew hay could be so messy?).

I took down the bird feeder, cleaned it out and put fresh bird seed inside of it, then hung it back up. (Apparently, leaving seed in a bird feeder over the winter makes it go moldy. Who knew?)

Boon, concerned that I was going tooooooooooooooooo much into 'Not playing WoW!', was worried I'd have a psychotic break and has been urging me to play 'just a little bit'. I've limited that to playing just with him for the most part. We've done our lowbies a little bit. He wanted to do some quests in Icecrown, so I did that with him. I stay on for about an hour and then I log out to do something else. I did get roped into bringing Kikidas to 25-KT the other night. Rawr. With my new epic hat, I was stylin'.

And yesterday I sat down, looked over at Boon who was giving Age of Conan another try with his new computer that won't blow up trying to play a game, looked at the clock which told me I had three hours before we were leaving for TableTop, looked at the room I had cleaned and said, "I'm taking a break."

So I logged in Keiji, got a group for 10-OS. Then got a group for 25-OS. Then helped take Wintergrasp (for once, the Horde had control). Then got a group for 25-VoA. Then got a group for 10-VoA. All one after another. And it still ate up a ton of time. It was almost time to leave for TableTop. Oy.

So I played PuzzleQuest Galatrix, which is odd, but interesting, even if I don't like the fact that there isn't as much 'choice' so far in it as Puzzle Quest, Challenge of the Warlords. Where you had a choice if you'd give the goblet back to the man who had you go look for it, or if you'd keep it, etc.

On a side note, I realize this differs undoubtedly between servers, but I feel really sad for the Horde on Alleria in regards to Wintergrasp. They always have about 10 stacks of Tenacity on, but we simply maul them with numbers. It's like a level-1 raid on Hogger. The individual dies, but that's okay, because while he was killing me, fourteen other people killed him. I'll take the corpse run.

So I feel bad. Because they can never get Stonekeeper Shards unless they're doing the WG dailies. I always see the same few people (Horde... and Alliance, come to think about it) doing WG. Hordies can't get shards by doing instances, so if they want a piece of shard-gear for their alts, or even themselves, they have to do WG dailies over and over again. (Wowolf, if you're out there. Hi! And sorry. Really, I like you Blood Elves, but you just can't take my Fortress.)

It makes me wonder if when the Horde DO have Wintergrasp, if suddenly the entire Horde population goes into instances? ZOMG! We have WG! QUICK QUICK, GET THEE TO AN INSTANCE!

People stay home from work, call in and explain, "Sorry Boss, but I play Horde on Alleria... and we have Wintergrasp. I just can't make it in today, at least not for another 2 hours and 30 minutes."

Their boss, understandingly, "Oh I know how THAT goes. I'll see you online then!" as he runs to his work laptop and logs in, while yelling at his Alliance minions to work, giving his Horde allies two and a half hours off.

Maybe Alleria can host a 'Be Kind to Horde' day, and we start a petition to LET them win Wintergrasp for a whole day? From midnight to midnight.... let it be Tuesday. Tuesday 12am until Wednesday 12am.

(What? Maintenance? And your point is? Hello. I'm not completely altruistic. I am, part time, a warlock.)

(Hrm. Blog name? Part Time Warlock? ... Nah, too much like Part Time Druid.)

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  1. Hahahaha, that last part is super funny. On Cho'gall the opposite is true, during WG I have never seen it where Alliance don't have at least 15 stack of Tenacity, the highest I have ever seen is around 23. It is not to say that Alliance don't win WG, typically it's really late in the day or when they use the archway exploit.