Monday, April 20, 2009

Coffee with Sargeras

Coffee with Sargeras is a relatively new blog... written by Sargeras.

No really, I've seen the chat logs. It is Sargeras.

However, it is rather amusing to read. The warlock side of me greatly appreciates the dark megalomaniacal humor. Of course, the part where he keeps repeating that I'm going to eventually be destroyed... not so much fun to read.

However, it is VERY amusing. Go read. Especially about what he thinks about Voldemort. I wonder what he thinks about Sauron?

Now quit reading my increasingly boring and uninteresting blog and go read his. But don't buy anything. I think the funding goes towards Starbucks. I mean, how much more evil can something be than Starbucks? And hello... Coffee with Sargeras? He should just place a giant Starbucks logo on his blog.

(Kidding... sort of.)


  1. Hi K!

    Just wanted to say, thanks for the link...and my readers will be happy to know that none of the proceeds from my store fund Starbuck's. That's right, it's all straight to the Burning Legion, baby.

  2. ... well, that's a relief! It really worried me that you may have been funding Starbucks. ><