Wednesday, March 11, 2009


As many of you know, I have an unholy tank. I've been fiddling with rotations and methods to try to get blade barrier to stay up, my bone shield to stay intact and be the best tank I can be.

One of the problems I'd encounter is that by the time my initial posted rotation went through, it would be several seconds into the fight with the boss whacking on me before I could get blade barrier going. So I've twiddled a little bit and managed to get blade barrier activated a little earlier than I had before.

New rotation...

Bone Shield (I try to activate this well before the pull, so the cooldown is hopefully close to being done by the time I'm pulling. So if it does fall off mid-fight, I can reapply instantly.)
Death and Decay(1B1F1U) where I plan on standing.
Icy Touch(1F) as the boss is incoming.
Blood Strike(1B) (Blade Barrier, yay!) when the boss (or main elite mob) arrives.
Plague Strike(1U).
Blood Tap.
Blood Boil(1B).
Somewhere in there, if I have enough runic power (and I will usually), Unholy Blight.
Then Scourge Strike/Blood Strike, etc.

If just a single mob...
Bone Shield.
Death and Decay where I plan on standing.
Icy Touch. Blood Strike. Plague Strike. Then Scourge Strike whenever I can, Blood Strike to keep Blade Barrier up (and keep them Death Runes coming). Reapply Icy Touch and Plague Strike if they fall off the boss. Somewhere in there, Unholy Blight.

Anyone else have a different rotation?

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