Friday, March 20, 2009

Minor Updates

  • Respecced Keiji slightly to play around with Lichborne. It's on a 3 minute cooldown, so probably one of those 'ut oh' buttons for boss fights or large pulls.
  • Kikomi has tired feet and can't wait for level 30. I forgot how frustrating it is to run around without a mount.
  • Kieya is a sad neglected panda-hunter. Hopefully this weekend when we aren't raiding, she'll actually get the attention she was promised.
  • None of the bosses in the Nexus are exactly affliction warlock friendly, with the exception of the whirly commander. Let's see... mage boss... splits into three and twirls you around in the air, letting all your dots drop off. Energy boss... becomes immune and spawns little portals you need to switch to and destroy, letting all your dots drop off. Rock boss... puts up a spell shield (how unfair is that?), letting all your dots drop off. Keristraza... requires you to be jumping up and down, which makes casting anything with a cast time longer than 1 second so much fun.
  • Blue-swirly-zones-of-death on OS+1/2 is actually harder to see than one would think, especially when you're either the healer and thus not looking at anything but who needs the next heal, or an offtank surrounded by tons of mobs, or a pack of DPS who are all gamboling about atop one another.
  • Still no excuse for dying on the individual drake pulls to the blue-swirly-zones-of-death.
  • I will always laugh at people who die after the Watcher dies in VoA because they go to loot and stand in his little cloud 'o doom.
  • Likewise, I think I'll always laugh at people who die after Grobbulus dies in Naxx because they go to loot and stand in his little cloud 'o poison.
  • I will not laugh at people who kill other people after Thaddius in Naxx because that's just really obnoxious.
  • I forgot how tedious leveling a healing priest really is. Shield, SWP, wand, wand, wand, Shield, SWP, wand, wand, wand... ad nauseum!
  • People who sell green quality gems on the AH for less than 80 silver drive me nuts. They vendor for 50s. Your AH deposit, time spent, and AH cut would probably mean that everytime one doesn't sell, you're losing money, and even when one does, you're not really making much profit.
  • People who sell green quality perfect cut gems for as much as, if not more than, the blue quality cut of the same type. Seriously people.
  • People who undercut the price of a gem by more than 1-2 silver... need to be shot. People who do this by several GOLD need to be drawn and quartered. Whomever dropped the price of Runed Scarlet Rubies on Alleria to 80g, when they were selling at 125g... we're coming after you.
  • Okay, so some of that wasn't really an update, so sue me. :)


  1. Holy priest: Smite is pretty effective, and if you go Disc hybrid mana is less of an issue than you might think.

    AH shenadigans: I don't get annoyed at the people that post that sort of sale. It's the ones that keep buying them that make me scratch my noggin :)

  2. @Grimmtooth: I am Disc actually and mana isn't an issue anymore! In the past oh gosh, if I didn't have a water cooler in my backpack, I couldn't do anything!

    Smite-spam still just seems so wrong! :)