Saturday, March 7, 2009

The New K

The results of the poll said that 3 people wanted me to reset Kava the rogue, 2 people wanted me to reset Keyami the warrior and only 1 person wanted me to reset Kiya the hunter.

Since the one person voting for Kiya the hunter was me, I declare Kiya the winner... or in this case, the loser.

There are a few reasons I picked Kiya.
One, I don't want to compete for plate drops with the new Boon for DPS.
Two, I already have two tanks that are leveling, I don't want to relevel a third, at least not right now.
Three, I can't be a draenei rogue, and I wanted to be a draenei.
Four, with all the changes that have gone into hunter that I haven't really looked into much since I hit 70 so very long ago, I feel that restarting her from the beginning will give me a much better understanding of the new changes.
Five, no one else in our 'group' will be wearing mail, it's all MINE!

I guess that's more than a few.

So I logged in Kiya. Sold all her stuff that was sellable. Mailed all her stuff that was mailable. Logged out of the game and typed that one fatal, final word.


Say hello to Kieya the Draenei Hunter.

(And I figure, even if Boon STOPS leveling, the way he is wont to do... I can still solo her.)

I however, STILL consider myself as having 10 characters over level 60 and 9 over level 70. Resetting her does not take away my achievement, damnit! :)

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  1. You'll love leveling a hunter except for the part where there is no guidance or notification as to when your pet gets new talent points. But, leveling is even more fun as a hunter than it was before.