Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Proof that DK takes skill!

The debate on the merits of DK floods the internet at the moment! Are they overpowered? A monkey can play one and still push 2k DPS! They take no skill! They're the new 'flavor of the week'! On and on and on.

Now, I will be the first one to say that with a DK, it is possible to put out really nice numbers with little effort. Really, you just have to not be a total screw-up on your rotation and you'll do just fine, right? Right! Which is not to say there are some REALLY talented DK's out there. Those people are scary. You do not want to meet them in a dark alley.

Tanking is a little different, since tanking doesn't just require 'push x, then y'.

But DPS, DPS of all colors and flavors have long been held to be the 'easiest' of the three roles available.

Now, for story-time!

I was on Keiji, looking over her gear, figuring out what I wanted to aim for next. I had just gotten the Seal of the Pantheon out of HoL, so I was finally done with that place on regular runs.

Someone in Dalaran asked: 'Need tank, PST'. (Grammar and spelling have been edited for clarity. Go ahead and take the worst stereotype imaginable, and you'll be close.)

I ask, "For what?"

I then get an invite. Curious, I accept. And I ask again, "For what?"

I'm told, 'regular Violet Hold! We have 2 80's and it should go fast!'

I look and we have an 80 resto druid, an 80 mage, a 77 boomie and a 76 DK.

I still have to do VH on Keiji for the achievement, so I figure, why not. I go wandering on in. As I'm standing there, curious, I look over at the other DK and inspect him.

He was wearing mixed gear, some defense, some dps, some unsocketed, some socketed. He was mostly Blood with a few points in Frost. Okay, I can see it, if a defense piece drops that is better in all ways (except the defense...) to what you're wearing... you'll take it. And maybe he just hasn't had time to buy the cheap 2g gems to socket his gear.

And then he whispers me, "Can I have gold? I have 19g and I can't afford to repair."

K: "No, you can't have gold. I just spent lots of gold on my gear."

DK: "Ok."

DK to Group: Is it okay that I take all the loot drops? I need gold.

K to Group: No, you can't. We all get a share at loot.

Resto Druid to K: I already gave him 10g because he asked!

K to Resto Druid: He hit me up for gold too.

DK to Group: Can I have all the frostweave?

K to Group: No. If people want to give you theirs, they can. But I need money too.

DK: But you can do 80 dailies! I can't!

K: So? You can do lots of quests.

The group gets started. I'm barreling along, practicing my rotation, keeping blade barrier up and seeing how much uptime I could get on my bone shield. And the DK asks if anyone has a damage meter.

Curious, I look at my recount. The numbers?
#1 Mage: 2-3k
#2 Boomie: 1-2k
#3 Keiji: 9-1.5k
#4 DK: 500

Yes. 500.

The DK goes on about how great this group is! Woo yeah! And I notice that he keeps switching from Blood, to Frost, to Unholy auras. Annoying when he leaves it on Frost and I have to blow a taunt getting initial mob aggro because he runs up with his improved distance Icy Touch and whacks the mob first. Whatever.

The resto druid gives me a whisper, "I'm bored. Can I DPS?"

I say, "Sure.".

After the second boss down, the Boomie laughingly says that he just respecced to Boomie and didn't have the best gear and was hoping that his DPS was doing okay!

The DK says, "Yeah, you're doing alright."

The Boomie had also had never been in VH before and wondered what the little red crystal things were for.

DK: Don't touch those! They're for the last boss.

K: Uh. Actually they're usually for those bosses like the water dude with all the little adds. The last boss, you're better off just DPSing on her.

DK: Ok.

Last boss pops.
DK: HIT THE CRYSTALS! *runs around like a spaz and activates all the crystals*

K: Just DPS the boss.

Overall recount... the DK was #5 (#4 was the resto druid). On Cyanigosa, he was also #5, behind the Resto Druid.

The saddest part of all of this? His name started with a K. :(

The moral of the story? Even facerolling monkeys do better DPS as a DK, proof positive that being a DK does in fact take SOME skill!


  1. The fact that you didnt leave the group immediatey says volumes. Would an ingnorant twit he sounded like.

  2. Yep. If he is asking for everything then you have to constantly deal with the guy hitting Need on every green that drops and every BOE blue and possibly an upgrade for someone else. Not worth risk factor to group with someone like that.

  3. @Darraxus: It spoke volumes for my empathy for the other people he roped into doing the instance with him! As well as my insane need to get dungeon achievements with everyone. :)

    @HolyGhost: Surprisingly, he didn't Need inappopriately, though I was just WAITING for him to 'Oops!'. But he didn't.

    He's a twit, but he seems an honest twit?

  4. He's a level 76 DK and he's doing 500 DPS on a regular instance where (with 2 level 80s) the mobs are probably going down fairly fast.

    That's actually not that horrible. Yes he could push it up with proper gear and playstyle (from your description he sounds not just s twit but clueless as well). But I wouldn't expect much more than 700 DPS from a level 76 in a 5-man group.

    But yes, this proves that a getting good DPS from a DK, just like any other class, takes some knowledge of the game :)