Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have a problem...

I have a new alt. Yes. It's true.

My leveling addiction has branched to new heights.

I have a level 15 shadow priest in another server. (Sorry Alleria, your character list isn't big enough for me... I need more. But you're still my main squeeze baby. I'll be home for dinner.)

I was leveling Kiljara and I thought to myself... I've just leveled 4 characters through this content. And I'm enjoying the HELL out of leveling my reset hunter. I can't level my mage because she's linked to some characters. I can't level my hunter because she's also linked to some characters. I need another lowbie to break the Northrend Leveling Routine. And I just can't do another reset, I don't think my heart could take the strain.

I had a level 6 draenei shaman on Malygos, a character I made with the intention of writing a leveling guide. Hahahahaha. Oh, how silly I was. A large undertaking like that, for a person who procrastinates as much as I do? HAHAHAHAHA. *wipes away tears of mirth*

Anyway, I logged her in and ran around as her and was fulfilled. And then when I got my first talent point, I said to myself... I've never been shadow.

I play her at work, when I know I'm going to be interrupted periodically with various things to do, because playing one of my higher alts in Northrend with periodic unavoidable interruptions leads to high repair bills.

I play her when I log into Alleria and there's no one on in my guild or I have no desire to spend an hour trying to find a group for Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep or Heroic Gundrak with Keiji.

The other nice thing is that since she's on a server with no high level alts to help her out, I'm starting over. I have to skrimp and save my coppers to buy skills. I have to debate whether I can afford to upgrade to the 8 slot bag. (That's 2 more slots than the 6 slot bag, would that be worth it?... Yes.)

I have to get the mats to level my alchemy and cooking and first aid myself. I can't run to the AH and buy the best cheap greens that gold can buy for my level. I can't have an alt make me gear.


I do have a problem. But it's a problem I can live with.

So, anyone out there with tips for a nub shadowpriest? :)


  1. Whoa, I didn't realize you were on Alleria.


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  3. @Grimmtooth: /wave Hi! :)

    @Brehm: Yeah, pop off a mind blast, SW:P and wand until it's dead. Kind of boring.. kind of like leveling holy actually. ><

  4. Your alt-ism knows no bounds K! I am convinced you can bend space and time now, because I see no other way that you can get four characters to 80 and have more to work on!

  5. Darn you... now I want to start up on a new server. Nothing quite like setting up the initial base income and establishing your presence. Also, nice blog! I think I got here through Almost Evil. I was almost convinced that there weren't any warlock blogs when I found the nice little community you guys have set up. Glad to have finally stumbled my way in!

  6. Eh, being a shadow priest at early levels is a pretty horrible experience. It isn't until around level 40 (the magic ret. paladin number too) that things start to pick up.

    This will become familiar to you:
    PW:Shield, Mind Blast, SW:Pain, Wand.

    Depending on your HPs, you may cast Renew from time to time.

    Have fun(?).

  7. @Dradis: Get me my tardis!

    @Nik: Nice to meetcha! You'll find out pretty quick that I'm an 'everything' blogger with a facade of warlockism! :)

    I finally upgraded all my inventory bags to Runecloth on my new alt, tougher to do than one would anticipate but with runecloth bags going for 6g, do-able. Also having to play the AH and not having my husband do it for me is a pita. But surprisingly not too bad right now. :)

    @Justin: Yeah... I remember when my ret pally took off when I hit the 40 range. Ah, only 19 moe levels to go then. Woot. :) I went herbalist so I also have that lifebloom thing, which has saved my bacon a time or two, way overpowered at low levels. :) And Gift of the Naaru, how I love thee, let me count the ways...