Friday, December 19, 2008

I've been tagged! *squee*

I was tagged in the little blog thing bouncing around the interwebs by Abigore over at Fear.Dot.Win.

(Yay, I'm on the interwebs in more ways than just my own aggrandizement!)

(Yes, that's really a word.)

Who was my first ever commenter (whom is still blogging)?

On my first EVER post, titled "Deathcoil the Paladin for Fun and Profit", Owaru over at You Wake It, You Tank It lamented how he needed to play his poor bereft warlock Byouki more because she had yet to ever deathcoil any healer, let alone the paladin.

Ah good times.

Now, Owaru hasn't blogged in MONTHS and MONTHS (August, to be exact), but he's still active (because I say so).

In other news, a few people seem to be having issues commenting on my blog?

So I will hereby do something really silly!

Or not so silly?

I have created a new hotmail account for people to contact me at if they so wish (and I will see if I can figure out how to set up my blog with a contact button thingbob), this will include people who want to comment and can't, people who don't want to comment but want to tell me that they can't comment anyway, and people who don't want their comments to be public or have questions or... whatever ya'll want.

k.dots @ hotmail . com

And now for the tagging!

Boon @ Tales of a Guardian Knight
Owaru @ You Wake It, You Tank It
Pos @ Gnometastic
Dradis @ Light's Vengeance
Frijona @ Blog of Corruption

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  1. SEE! I can comment from home.. just not at work. Sad Shadowpriests come from Undercity =*(.