Wednesday, December 17, 2008

80 and 74

Kvasira hit 80 last night. I flew her out to Sholazar Basin, since I 1: had never been and 2: I figured a new quest hub would have more condensed quests than an older hub that has you going every which way.

I was right! And I hit 80 in a brief period of time. During that time I had a troll rogue named Rogueray ninja a saronite node from me. (Hi Rogueray!)

I was there. I was tapping. He rides up. He dismounts. He taps. Unfortunately, I have auto-loot on, so I wasn't able to 'hold' the node. :(

Now, could it be an issue where one of us is lagging slightly and thinks they really were there first? Sure! But I doubt it. Rogues are sneaky bastids. They steal things. It's in the class definition!

(So, for your roleplayers out there, how do you handle someone doing something 'in character' for them, even if it's a rude thing to do, like node-ninjaing?)

I power leveled my JCing (yes, my paladin is a miner/jewelcrafter. Hush.) so I can start to do the JC dailies. And since I have 4 BOP world blue JC drops from Northrend, I figured it was worth it.

Then last night I went into Old Kingdom with my shaman. She was a pitiful level 73. Rawr. The only time we wiped was because someone *coughwarlockcough* who shall not be named *coughAbsitivelycough* aggro'd 9 people.

And then I used the soulstone that was on me and started to rez. And a patrol tagged me.

And then I used my reincarnate (ignore previous post) and continued to rez.

And then I saved the day (rawr) when some minion or another *coughFelguardcough* was set on aggressive and went and aggro'd another group of six after a boss fight. We lost no one, even though mobs were everywhere at first! I am teh awesome. And I was using my staff instead of a shield. And I didn't die. So NYAH.

Of course, I suppose the druid tank and the deathknight deathgripping things to be whacketted on and off of the squishy/crunchies helped a teeeeensy bit. But it was so all me. *flex*

(I will completely gloss over the fact that I forgot to put on Earthliving Weapon. Nope. Didn't happen.)

And now my shaman is 74. *woot*

Yay for progression! I have so much fun healing as a shaman. I was contemplating glyphs the other day for her. Something I will post more in-depth on later.

My healing experience, let me just say, has been a priest as holy from the getgo, a shaman that went resto at 58, a druid that started balance/resto, went resto briefly at 58-60, then went rawr-tank and a paladin that says, "Holy Light? Oh, you mean the really SLOW healing spell as opposed to the instant Art of War Flash of Light?"

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  1. Lies.


    I was just TESTING you and KYUUUSHI to see how well you could handle adverse conditions. As a raid leader I need to know these things!