Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deathcoil the Paladin for fun and profit!

So, everyone seems to post their WoW lives on blogspot. Or at least, all the people I know do.

Since I am very much someone to follow the bandwagon (and it's 4:30am, and everything seems like a good idea at 4:30am), I made my own. I also creatively called it 'More dots', since that's what people seem to expect of warlocks. :) (I don't always follow the bandwagon, but at 4:30am, it seemed like a catchy phrase to use to start my paragraph.)

Kikidas did not start out as my main. She's actually the 6th character I made. She was not the first to 60, nor the first to 70. Through the course of playing, the roles needed by my guild for various instances and runs, Kikidas has not only become my most well geared character, but also my favorite to play. While leveling her initially, I enjoyed warlock but was not enamored of it. Now I can safely say that I adore playing a warlock.

We're multi-talented and a warlock is useful in any situation (except perhaps undead, stupid non-fearable non-charmable non-banishable undead. All we can do there is kill. With pleasure and enjoyment, but we're shackled (hah, get it, shackled?) into being merely DPS (which, don't get me wrong, I quite enjoy doing nothing but DPSing, but it's rather irksome when people assume I won't crowd control.)).

(and yes, I do sometimes write in run-on sentences and sometimes reading what I write is comparable to trying to muddle through a passage written by William Faulkner. I can't help it if I tend to write in stream of consciousness. At least it's a semi-amusing stream.)

I have to say, one of my favorite moments as a warlock was when I deathcoiled the healer in my group. It was, perhaps, not the brightest move I could have made, yet it was thoroughly enjoyable. And since no one died, no harm, no foul!

We were on Pathaleon the Calculator, or perhaps the Maker in Blood Furnace? when my husband, who was the healadin of the group, was mind controlled. I believe I had an imp out at the time, so was unable to charm or taunt the paladin away from whacking on the more delicate party members. So, I did what I do in any emergency situation where something is whacking on my frail cloth-wearing form. I deathcoiled him.

Keep in mind, this happened ages and ages (okay, a few months) ago, and to this day... any boss that MC's that I'm about to go up against, Boon is sure to say 'Be careful, the warlock will deathcoil you if you get mind controlled!'. It was extenuating circumstances! And fun. And highly unlikely to happen again. Unless you're the healadin and you're mind controlled. :)

No harm, no foul, right? :)

Now, uncontrolled fearing in an instance is very bad. Even a poorly timed or positioned deathcoil can cause untold amounts of havok. Yet, I use it very frequently and have yet to have it cause a problem. (not fearing, but deathcoiling)

I typically try to save the deathcoil for some very specific situations:

1: It's whacking on the healer and the tank won't get there in time or has burned their cooldown. Deathcoil! And voila, the tank can now pick up the mob before it gets back to the healer.

2: The paladin tank is consecrating, and my succubus (or a mage's sheep) crowd control has walked into his consecration. Deathcoil! and have the succy or the mage start casting their crowd control spell. By the time the spell goes off, deathcoil is over with, and the target is out of consecrated ground and once again controllable.

(3: Mindcontrolled healadins who are married to me. It's endlessly entertaining.)

I've had people try to tell me that I'm going to wipe the party with my deathcoil. And perhaps one day that will happen. I won't say it never will. But if I'm doing it correctly, and we're pulling mobs appropriately, the mob should be no where NEAR another group of creatures that it can aggro. And even if it is, if I'm doing it to try to prevent a party wipe by knocking something off of the priest? Well, the deathcoil will likely not get that far... and if it does, well, we were probably going to wipe anyway if the healer dropped. I don't use it carelessly. I'm very aware of where I am, where the mob I'm deathcoiling is and what s/he/it may run into.

Just because something is a dangerous ability does not mean you should fear it. (get it? Fear it? I crack myself up.) Like any ability, the more you know about what it does and how to control it, the more applicable and useful it becomes.

And remember...
Deathcoiling healadins makes puppies and kittens live forever.

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  1. I really need to start instancing with Byouki. She was my first 70 but when it comes to "Do you want a Warlock or a Pally Tank" I usually get laughed at! Poor Byouki doesn't get any sexy gear outside of what she crafts :)

    I don't even have any good stories of deathcoiling smelly healadins! *sobsob*