Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome to the Blogosphere! and other things

Babygorn, a mage on Alleria, has joined the Dark Side.

Welcome to the dark side, Baby. :)

*looks around stealthily*


Since they nerfed MrT, I haven't been in it. In fact, except to run it on normal a few times back when it opened, I haven't been anywhere NEAR it.

We went into Heroic MrT the other night. The lineup? Posolutely the gnome warrior, Tasogare the gnome ice mage, Boon the holy paladin, Gobblez the sword rogue and Kikidas the Goddess of Death and Destruction... erm. Kikidas, the dark pact/ruin warlock.

It... was nice. It was easy. It didn't seem like a heroic. It was easier than I remember REGULAR MrT being!

I got a nice pretty trinket and a new enchant. But it was almost anticlimatic! I was expecting death and destruction... not necessarily from me, either!

(Oh, and I got a badge upgrade, finally. I was sitting at 99 badges forever and just never went out and got that one more. Yay new pants!)

Then I went and we took Kava into heroic Slave Pens. Lots of leather drops! Nummy nummy. I work on upgrading Kava and Kiya so that they can be Kara ready! Soon... I will field a Kara run all by myself, multiboxing! (not)

One question that I have... is in a 5-man/heroic... how much hit rating do you need? Is it worth it to wear your 'trash set' that you'd wear in a raid, and only put on the hit rating set for the bosses? Kikidas has three sets. She has her 'top DPS' set - which maximizes my crit rating and my shadow damage, but has less than 100 hit rating, she has her 'hit rating' set - which puts her at 203 hit rating. And then she has her middle of the road set, which puts her somewhere around 130 hit rating and somewhere in the middle of the road in crit and damage.

I forget to swap around sometimes what I'm wearing. And it's really just three or four pieces of gear that I swap out between the various sets. But ... really, what's the line?


  1. I believe mobs in Heroics top out at level 72. So at max you need 64 spell hit rating.


  2. And this is why I love you theorycrafters, even though doing it gives me headaches!

    Danke. :)