Saturday, July 26, 2008

Netherspite down!

As those who follow the drama that is the Knights of Utopia, you may have noted that while we get Attumen to Prince on farm, the dragons continually give us issues.

Last night, after some shuffling of ranks, we hit Karazhan running with two PuGgers (one of whom isn't really a pugger, but rather a good friend returning!). We got a bit of a late start due to my being late home and us shuffling people around and finding our last few people... but we cleared Attumen to Prince AND Netherspite by 11:30pm.

Our lineup? Of this I was most proud. Kathe was tapped for Main Tank. It was my first time tanking Prince (not to mention the dragon). I was kind of nervous. We did the movable fight. Keeping my back to the wall while trying to move left during a bad infernal placement... sucks when you're a bear.

No really. It does. S-U-C-K-S!

Anyway... Morphos was our OT and spent his nontanking moments DPSing as a kitty cat. (The rationale behind him being OT/DPS and me being MT is that Morphos is a MUCH better DPSer than I am in kitty form, whereas in our tanking gear, I think we were ROUGHLY equivalent (health about the same, his dodge is higher). His gear is better, but...)

Morphos is an old guildy from way back in the day that left to have some RL time with his family. He's recently come back. Thus far, he has avoided our attempts to kidnap him and make him talk sexy to us... erm, I mean, come back to KoU, but that didn't stop him from saying, 'Sure, I'll come to Kara with you guys!' and talk sexy to us in Ventrilo.

He's got this accent... it's like Antonio Banderas, only I'm never going to really hear Antonio Banderas, but I can hear Morphos. *drool*

We pugged a shadow priest, Katsua (which is apparently not really her name, because I can't find it on wow-heroes!). From our guild pool, we took Leghumper and Harikin the mages, Absitively the warlock, Boon the holy paladin (he may or may not have respecced ret to pvp by the time you read this!), Shougeki the resto shaman, Neshura the hunter who was later traded for Wolfinme the hunter and Siiro the hunter.

Now, I hear you saying... where are your interrupts? What if you get Romulo and Julianne? What about Shade?!

We lucked out in Opera and got BBW. Which, by the way, I was the FIRST person Hooded. The tank... being the first person hooded. W. T. F. Luckily, I didn't die because I have awesome healers. But damn. It seems to happen to me every-single-time. I'm not sure if it's because there's a HoT or a Prayer of Mending that flips over or WHAT, but it's really annoying.

As for Shade.. we were all prepared to eat a Polymorph/Pyroblast. But we killed him before he got to that point. Our resto shaman shocked whenever he had a free moment (which wasn't often) and I feral charged (and possibly Morphos as well, not sure) whenever I could to interrupt something (almost always after dodging an arcane explosion. Got me to the boss faster). And we downed him before he drank. Not LONG before he drank, but before he drank. It was beautimous.

We did have a single wipe on Shade (someone accidentally moved during Flame Wreath) and one wipe on Netherspite (he got hit by the green beam once or twice as we were figuring out how to stand).

For Netherspite, the two tanks and the paladin stayed in for his banish phase. We had the others run to the windows so the tanks could easily avoid the netherbreath. This way, he didn't move around when he popped out of banish phase and we could more easily swap between green and red beams by simply running through the boss's belly. I had one scary moment when two pits opened up under my feet and I had barely an inch of room to try to dance in and out of the red beam in. But we prevailed! And he died. And it was glorious. (And seeing my life jump to 50k while in the red beam. Yummy.)

Go Knights of Utopia! Yay! Our first 'new guild' downing of Netherspite. :)

As for druid tanking... it's great fun. Unless your group doesn't let you actually HIT the mob first. That's not so much great fun. Then it's chasing after a mob that's running through your group. Silly DPSers.

The other fun thing to do while you're druid tanking? The nonelite group pulls in the room before Moroes? Yeah. Barkskin + Hurricane and then drop to bear form when your healer starts to scream, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OMG!". It's great. :)


  1. You did great MTing. I did like how you totally ignored me when I said you should offheal and Morph should MT Prince, too :)

    Its a good thing Katsue kept our healers mana up!


  2. I was responding to what Morphos said! Which was that he was fine DPSing.

    And if we have a shadow priest, we should use a shadow priest. :)

    Besides, it was a great experience for me to actually tank Prince. And... for our healers to know that THEY CAN DO EET!