Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Juicy Bear Burger and Buzzard Bites.. Supersized!

As you may (or may not!) know, KoU does ZA on the weekends. We limit it to 2 hours and we do our best. We take three healers, five DPS and two tanks. (math are hard)

We've been able to consistently down Nalorakk, though without getting the first chest. And we've consistently not been able to down Akil'zun.

All that has changed!

This last weekend we took down Nalorakk and got the chest AND we got Akil'zun down, I believe with only two wipes.

It's all described in much better editorial detail than I'm posting here.

In other news, Owaru introduced me to reader.google.com and it's... wow, makes reading my blogs so much easier. Basically because I don't have to go to each individual site and see if there's anything new! It's all just right there! It's great. Some webcomics can also be put in there (not all, but LFG can be, and that's all that matters, right?) and I'm sure lots of other things can too.

Anyway, I'm sure sometime soon I'll go into another one of my massively long, boring posts about something like leveling or instancing or who knows what, but until then, cheerio! (It isn't just a cereal, it's a way of saying goodbye in England! I think?)

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  1. Oh, by the way, we actually take 10 people into ZA... 5 dpsers...

    We aren't quite uber enough to 9-man it.