Thursday, July 17, 2008

So many ideas, so little ability!

Everywhere I turn, I read blogs of people who write lovely informative posts. PvP vs. PvE, Solo vs. Group, Class Roles, Theorycraft on spells, gear... they create excel worksheets and lists and quests and all sorts of schtuff.

My only claim to fame is that I have altisms and I level very fast without a guide (and without ever questing in STV). Boon has, in the past, suggested I write my own leveling guide. But that's already been done.

I don't have the organizational tools to be able to write a guide off the top of my head. I suppose I could level something up (again) and write a guide based off of my leveling. I'd have to do it on a new server. Which I suppose would be helpful, because this way it's all natural, no 'high level help', all me. All the time.

I may do that, if only because I've been forbidden to level the characters I currently have.

We'll see if I have the patience to do that.

Until then, everyone else keep writing the lovely informative posts. I'll keep clogging the internet with trashy opinion pieces!


  1. You are a unique and precious snowflake :)

    I appreciate reading your stuff as much as the next blog. Keep it up.


  2. Zomg.

    WTB Better post. Please.

    11 whole days, without anything, and I get teased with that??