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Ammen Vale and the Road to Azure Watch

AKA: Levels 1 - 6 for the Draenei

General Information: PICK UP EVERYTHING. Equip any upgrades. Hopefully you'll get a bag. Sell everything (including your food and water at this level, you really don't need it) and never repair. Sell every time you're in town, even if it's two things. Or one thing. Sell it anyway.

Always log out in an inn if one is available.

Despite the thought that killing things = XP, XP = Levels, you really want to avoid just random killing for the sake of killing.. unless that floats your boat. In which case, have at it. Just tell me when you're going to be in town, so I can be somewhere else though, okay? Seriously, you earn more XP/Time through questing than through killing mobs. Killing mobs just to kill them, if they aren't related to your quest or quest objective, really serves no purpose but to slow you down.

Onto the Quests!
You Survived! This is more than merely a slap on the back. It's your first quest. He sends you to the Crash Site to talk to someone else. You should probably do this. Congratulations! You have earned XP! (The Crash Site, from where you spawn, is straight ahead. You can't miss it.. unless you're roleplaying a blind Draenei... MY EYES, OH BY THE NAARU, MY EYES! AAAAAHHH!)

There are two quests you should pick up immediately after finishing turning in your first line of quests. Replenishing the Healing Crystals (8 moth blood) and Volatile Mutations (kill 8 mutations). Immediately to the NW of the crash site are a variety of chunks of pretty glass in the ground. Fluttering around them are butterflies and creepy little mutants. You need 8 moth blood and need to kill 8 of the mutations.

Congratulations! You are level 2 by the time you kill 8 mobs. Ignore that lovely fact for a moment and continue killing until those two quests are complete. Trust me. Only after you have your 8 moth blood and have killed your 8 nasty snotmonsters, do you go turn in and level up.

Volatile Mutations leads to the quest What Must Be Done (gather 10 lasher parts). Curiously enough, right next to that, you see a new quest called Botanical Legwork (3 flowers). Pick up both of those. Turn in the Healing Crystal quest. This gives you the quest Urgent Delivery! (You gotta go into the Crash Site to deliver the crystals. It's hard. You may need a group for this.)... which then gives you the quest Rescue the Survivors! (Heal someone with your racial). Head out through the southern entrance of the crash site. If you're following my directions exactly, that's where you'd be anyway. So just do it and stop rolling your eyes.

Pick up the quests Spare Parts (Pick up 4 thingbobs) and Innoculation (Save 6 moonkin!). There is someone you can sell to right there as well. SELL. DO NOT REPAIR.

Go west to Ammen Field (red blotch on your map). Along the way, find and use your Gift of the Naaru to save a survivor. Just one. Ignore the rest. Kills your XP/Time! If they can't survive the way you survived, they don't deserve to live. It's Darwin's Law.

In the field of pretty red flowers, kill the lashers while you're making your way to collect three flowers. By the time you work your way to three flowers, you should hopefully be killing just enough lashers to complete the quest.

Congratulations! By your 18th mob, you're level 3!

Once you have your 10 parts and 3 flowers (and have saved some loser), go turn in. The reward for the Survivor quest gives you a 4 slot bag. Equip that puppy! Kiss it. Name it. Lavish it with praise. Bags = Success.

What Must Be Done leads to the quest Healing the Lake. Turn in the quest for Legwork and congratulations you are now level 4. Go level up, you mad leveler you!

Head out through the south part of the Crash Site. Go jump in the lake! No really, do it. There is a giant crystal in the water. (It's on the eastern side of the lake, should be directly south of the Crash Site) Neutralize that puppy! Then continue south to the Moonkin camps.

Again, in the interest of XP/Time, avoid killing Moonkin where possible. Sometimes it is possible. Sometimes, it is not. Just do your best. The yellow/tan colored Moonkin (Nestlewood Owlkin) are the ones you are looking for. The red/black moonkin are the ones you want to avoid. There is a path up the southeast of the camps. I have the best luck going up around there and in the cave and in the back camps. Pick up your emitters while you're running around.

Go back. Turn in. Two of the quests 'dead end'. Innoculation leads to Missing Scout. The Scout is to the southwest of the crash site. He's by the eastern path of the Shadow Ridge. He gives you the quest The Blood Elves. Kill 'zem all! (or just 10). You then get Blood Elf Spy. If you go up the east path, at the second left (right by the tents), go left. It'll curve up and to the right. You'll see Surveyor Candress (along with her lover, Blood Elf Scout.) Kill her. She drops Blood Elf Plans, unfortunately, only one drop per kill, so if you're in a group, you may have to kill her more than once. At this time, I usually hearth back to the starting point.

Turn in your quests, make sure you go out through the south door in the Crash Site. You should now see a quest called The Emitter (must do Spare Parts first), which then leads to the quest called Travel to Azure Watch. Turn in the plans. Turn in the spy information. And voila. You are now ready to leave the starting zone! You should be level 5 at least, or level 6, depending on how much extra you had to kill. This should take you about 45-50 minutes, depending on your class.

Take the road out to the southwest. You'll see a draenei on the path named Aeun. This is your obligatory 'deliver this to the inn because I'm a lazy S.O.B.' quest (Word from Azure Watch). Take it. Cross the river (Ammen Ford). Talk to the draenei right on the other side. She gives you a net and tells you to catch her some fish (Red Snapper - Very Tasty). Do this quest. Right now. Do it. Turn around and go catch her some fish! There is a fast respawn of the fishing nodes, so never get more than 'five' nodes away. Sometimes, a node will spawn an angry murloc. Kill it, for it has a fish on it. She then gives you the quest Find Acteon! and gives you a fishing pole. Incidentally, here is where you would learn how to fish.

If you follow the road onwards, you will come to Azure Watch.

And this is where I leave you. By this time, you are definately level 6. Azure Watch has most of the class trainers and a good portion of profession trainers. Hearth at the inn.

See you next time for the next installment of 'How K Quests'.
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