Monday, May 5, 2008

Rawr! Kathe eats the big boys of Karazhan!

As I mentioned previously, my druid tank, Kathe, was tapped to be the second tank in Karazhan.

I got her up to snuff, I got her a set of healing gear for when she'd be tapped to offheal.

And she ate her way through Karazhan.

We had a few sloppy pulls in the beginning, mainly due to one of our members, a pugged healer, not being on ventrilo and standing where he'd get aggro. But we didn't wipe because Kathe is a BEAR! In more ways than literally.

Owaru, our main tank, did his usual awesome job.

Surprisingly, or not as you may see it, I tanked Maiden while Owaru offhealed (the whole dispel magic thing, likely!), we had BBW for Opera and I tanked him. We had a hairy moment when I wasn't top of his aggro meter two seconds into the fight, and he Red Riding Hooded me. You know.. when I'm standing next to him. But due to awesome healing and me running like the little girl I am, I lived.

We wiped on Curator due to our pug healadin not having any mana pots... Curator was at 4%.

We tried Illhoof, but with the healadin still refusing to get on ventrilo, took to long to get across to him who was being sacrificed and we lost too many people. So we skipped Illhoof.

On Shade, I put on my healing gear and was quasi-tank-dps-topping off heals. Thank god for druid HoT's, because we wound up having to survive a pyroblast. Not sure if druids are immune to Shade's poly or not, but I forgot to try to switch, as by the time the poly came, it was myself and the healadin, two hunters and a rogue still alive. I was too busy healing. Slapped a HoT on one of the hunters who was hurt, got poly'd and was like, woot, everyone will survive the pyroblast because I am just that awesome.

Chess went fine, though our rogue got teleported out of the chess event, and when we tried to tell the healadin to not kill Warchief until he got back, he did anyway. Then we said 'don't open the chest until he gets back, maybe he can still get it', he did anyway. And of course, a rogue piece dropped that our rogue couldn't get. Hopefully multiple tickets from the raid leader and raid members will get him his belt.

I then helped heal through Prince. And I got the T4 helm. The pretty pretty T4 helm. I have antlers. *dance*

Anyway, here's a few tips if you're the pug member of a raid.
1: even if you normally use TS, have ventrilo if that's what the raid is using.
2: don't go AFK every 10 minutes. (this fellow seriously went AFK about 17 times during the entire run)
3: don't plan on eating half way through the raid (gtg for 10 min, dinner)
4: come with flasks, pots, etc. When the tank dies in Curator because you didn't heal her, your words shouldn't be 'I have no pots', but 'I potted about three times in there! Sorry you died'.
5: if you really can't get vent or TS to work, make sure you pay attention to your raid chat, since that's the only way you can get directions. The raid leader shouldn't have to type something three times before you see it.

Something I learned about Karazhan... Karazhan thinks the only druid is a resto druid. I got more resto gear in one night...

And, on another note, Kiljara healed through Gruul's/Mags. In fact, in Gruul, she was one of the only healers left alive!

<3 myself :)

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