Friday, May 2, 2008

Countdown to Karazhan

Kathe has been tapped for my guild's Saturday Karazhan run, so I've worked overtime the last few days to get her ready for it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a few heroic drops that I've wanted, but I did get Slikk's badge cloak, then updated it with dodge. Got some 'chants and just a few gems, but I hit what's known as the 'minimum' for a druid tank in Karazhan.

415 defense (42o)
30% dodge (30.7%, 40% with trinket use)
12k health (11974 health, self buffed. I'm sure fort will pop me over.)
20k armor (21900 someodd armor, self buffed.)

I plan on eating warp burgers, drinking major agility and major fortitude elixirs and hopefully not needing to use my very pathetic healing gear for much!


  1. Shh, don't let any other Druids hear you say you put dodge on a cloak. Quietly change to the agility enchant, and don't let anyone know I was here. . .

    Seriously though, the agility enchant actually gives druids (and only druids) more dodge than the dodge enchant itself. Not to mention some extra armor and crit (and AP if you switch to cat later in a fight).

  2. I shall get that changed asap! Thank you for the heads up.

    Sorry this took a little while to get back to you. :)