Friday, May 30, 2008

Nifty abilities that I lack...

  • The ability to link items to and have them pop up on mouse-over.
    • I've tried. I've had it explained to me. I've done what was recommended. And yet I still fail. I've even gone and looked at the source-code on a few pages that actually use the pop-up things and done what it looked like they had there. I still failed. Epic failure.
  • The ability to do a 'click here to read more' link.
    • Again, one of those things that I look around on my 'posting' page and I look at source code and I try to figure out how to do it and just simply cannot figure it out. i r dum.
  • The ability to make a blog banner.
    • Everyone has one but me. I feel lonely. I've found a few links to how to make one using photoshop, so maybe this weekend I can add this to the short 'nifty ability that I can do' list.
  • The ability to write an informative blog that doesn't degenerate into K-babble.
    • I've tried. The one time I tried, it came out too dry and boring. Not at all like the posts that Bremm writes about or that I'm finding more and more frequently on blogs that I discover.
  • The ability to theorycraft.
    • I tried once! I did. I really did. But nothing like what SuraBear has the ability to do. I'm limited to reading what others have theorized and going from there. This isn't necessarily a bad thing... it means I have more time to be lazy and write badly written posts. :)

I don't know if that makes me a bad person or a bad blogger. Oh well. I shall continue to blog simply because it gives me something to do at work and a place to write my ventings about the people I run across in the world. :)

On an aside, I've updated my bloglist, removed a few that I no longer read and added a few that I'm starting to read more of. Enjoy!


  1. I'll help you out with these nifty abilities anytime.

    Let me know.

  2. The first three I'll take help with, the last two I think will never happen.

    Theorycrafting and myself just don't mix.

    As for informative posts... well, I'll leave that to the intelligent people I know. :)

  3. I started reading your blog because I loved a post you did a while back about your guild and how it's difficult to do "casual raiding" in a guild. My guild is going through similar issues as an RP/raiding guild. I even posted a link to the entry on our Officer forums. So none of this nonsense about not having writing skills, and I want to hear more about how your guild is doing.