Saturday, May 17, 2008

Arcane Mage, Retribution Paladin and Restoration Shaman

What can I say? I like going for the outlying spec.

After a bit of thought, I decided I was going to go Arcane Mage. Specifically, Arcane-Fire. Now, my mage is only 36 (or was when I respecced), so I'm not as nifty as a level 70 arcane-fire mage. And I do plan on going arcane down to slow, and fire down to improved scorch. From my research, that spec is suitable for solo play, PvE 5 and 10 man raiding. Which is what I do. (It's also good for PvP, but we all know where I stand on that!)

(preferably far away)

I thought to myself as I respecced that maybe I should have leveled frost and respecced when I hit higher levels, simply for survivability. Yet I discovered that I'm just as survivable as this as I was as frost.

Frost mages are well known for the mobs to not reach them, due to slowing effect and freeze effects, that by the time the mob reached them, it was so dead a fire blast or a cone or something would kill it. With my frost mage, this usually included a blink a time or two, frost nova, multiple frost-bolts and lots of running around to stay away from the slow moving mob.

My arcane mage has roughly the same effect. In the fact that by the time it reaches me, a fire blast is usually enough to kill it, only without the moving about bit.

I was about to type a very boring account of how I kill things. But you don't care about that! Suffice to say, I'm content. The only time I've died thus far is when I'm playing at work and I get distracted by something at work. Which since work > game, is appropriate.

As for my retribution paladin, I've quasi-figured out what keeps pulling mobs to me. Apparently when I judge something, since I have improved judgement, I get back mana. Just like anything else, this gets me aggro. Otherwise, I'm still kicking ass and taking names! Boon's admitted he's been kind of heavy on me with the ret paladin, since he didn't think it was a viable spec, but I'm changing his mind with my awesome abilities! And he admits that as a pure DPS spec, he still doesn't think it's a good idea, but he does say (and to this I agree, read previous post!) that the way I play, more as a party support role while doing decent DPS, makes me viable. The worst is when you have a retribution paladin that doesn't toss any heals, or protect the healer, or do anything and the group dies with the ret pally having an almost full mana bar! That ain't me.

My restoration shaman is boring as hell to solo, but I don't seem to be able to be killed. :P I'm going to wait for Diathim (Boon's enhancement shaman) to hit outlands to quest. Because ... it's boring as hell. I've begun doing crazy things trying to see if I could be killed... like solo Bogslayer and the Drillmaster at 61, fight four or five mobs at once (the ravager mobs can kill me, fast attack + stun = dead shaman), fight multiple healing casters at once, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion of a situation to stick her in to see if I can survive it? (nothing silly, like solo-instancing (though I may see if I can kill an instance elite by myself) or going and attacking a level 66 or something.)

And... 38, 62, 61 respectively.

On an aside, I had this wierd dream the other night. My druid Kathe was imprisoned in a new Alliance jail in Tanaris for the unlikely crime of murder (she killed a Scarlet Crusade fanatic that was killing the tame moonsaber's in Darnassus, and it was self-defense, since he started to call her a demon and tried to kill her when she stopped him!). The method of them keeping a druid in prison is to keep her too mana drained to shapeshift. Boon the paladin was a common visitor and he would regularly bring her gifts from her sisters. Kiya, the alchemist/cook, made her some pastries which had the side effect of mana regeneration. This gave her enough mana to innervate herself, so she shapeshifted and escaped! And to keep Boon from being implicated, she did this by first shapeshifting into a bear and bashing him to stun him, then shifting to a bird, flying away (which you can't do that in Azeroth, but meh.) and escaping into the water's around Tanaris. A hunter brought in at the scene (Teppou), made joyful fun of the jail by asking them how they expected him to track a druid through the air or the water!

The Alliance Police then go to her family members to question them about her escape and what role they may have played in it!

Kiya the hunter, with Bumper the cat, live in Darnassus and denied any knowledge about the escape. The police had a nasty moment when in defense of her sister, Kiya defended the act of Kathe stopping the cat-killer, and the police said 'it was a cat versus a person', and Bumper got very upset.

Kava the rogue and Kiljara the priest live in Stormwind, and they both denied any knowledge, though Kava out and out admitted that she's glad her sister escaped and even if she knew where she was, she'd hardly tell the police! Kiljara simply admitted she knew nothing about it and was very calm and soothing to Kava's somewhat hyper rhetoric.

Keyami the warrior lives in Ironforge and my dream hasn't progressed that much.

But Kikidas made an appearance (not that she's a night elf), by appearing talking to Kava and Kiljara about clothing (all three are tailors), then later on helping the two sisters summon Kathe to Stormwind (after the police left!). Ruptik was also there, being his usual charming self. And no, I have no idea why Kathe would want to go to Stormwind!

Dhark made an appearance last night (yes, same dream story two nights in a row) by stealthing into the office of the head of the Alliance Police who is trying to catch Kathe and nearly killing him. (He didn't kill him all the way because that would be bad. He merely beat him up severely as a lesson that you don't mess with Night Elves.)

In the office of the Police, the police head was talking to his aide who said that on the negative side, all the druids, some of the shaman and a high percentage of night elf citizens of the alliance didn't like the fact that Kathe was being made an example of by the newly founded Alliance Police, on the positive side, Fanghelm (the druid head in Darnassus, this was his dream name, not sure if it's his real name!) was also on Kathe's side and if anyone could turn a positive into a negative, it was him! Also brought up was how hard it would be to track a druid that didn't want to be found and that the likelyhood of them catching Kathe now that she was escaped was slim to none. That's when Dhark made his appearance.

Maybe I play too much WoW?


  1. That's a really involved dream! I don't think I've had any WoW dreams...yet.

  2. Heheh. When I used to text-based RPG in a Star Wars universe, I'd have RPG dreams involving my character too..

    I think I'm just nuts. :)