Friday, April 4, 2008

Ret Pally Reading

In the interest of being the best that I can be (I have to uphold Owaru's overwhelming and undeserving opinion of me!), I delved into the world of retribution paladin. Well, I delved into one particular article, I should say.

I had thought that my spec was decent. I thought I had it figured, a little bit. I was only somewhat correct.

My spec was decent for how I played and I certainly had no problems leveling. But according to RetLoL I should have deleted my character... and how embarassing is that for me to admit! The Great and Powerful K... wrong. Mark it on your calenders, because this day will probably never come around again. And see, I didn't post it on April 1st, so it also isn't an April Fool's joke, though it is a hilarious thought. Me, wrong? HAHAHAHA.

So this afternoon I respecced. My paladin is 55, so I was able to get all the way to Crusader Strike, which I had ignored earlier (silly K). Then I went to test it out. I like it thus far. I shall have to see how it goes as I continue to level. I have to get some of my timing down and obviously, since I'm in old world gear, my stats and gear aren't maximized for DPS -- apparently strength, melee hit rating and melee crit rating are my friends!

Now, obviously I won't have problems getting a group, not merely because it's me! but also because of the Triumverate[(c) Owaru] and various friends who I can browbeat into running with me no matter what I do. (I love you guys!) ... that and because have you seen some of the "armor" that plate wearing females get to wear? How the hell is that armor? And what guy won't run with a chick wearing a plate bikini?


  1. to hell with your plate bikini. Can we please take Kathe back into Durnholde?!

  2. No way! Besides, she isn't wearing the slut-chestpiece anymore.

    That chestpiece was 1 pixel away from getting the game an R rating!