Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Fastest Shadow Labs Run EVER! (if only we finished!)

If you put a feral tank (Kathe) and add a healadin (Boon), toss in a hunter (Neshura), add a little mage (Tasogare) and toss in an enhancement shaman (Ookamioni)... go ahead and put them into Slabs and say to the tank, "Let's try to do this quickly". The resultis a 45 minute run to Murmur. (I know it was that long because right before the first pull, I used gift of the wild. It had 15 minutes left on it.)

Of course, then the server crashed and the instance reset.

Crowd control, though it is fun and at times warranted, is something that can be completely done without if you have a good tank that can hold aggro, a good healer that can keep people alive, and DPS that know how to do their job.

We had TWO instances where we had a massive pull, the mage accidentally shot something else (silly mage!) and in the room before Murmur, a chainer-mob spawned just as we pulled a group. That pull was fun. We didn't have much in the way of silencing multiple summoners, and we had three of them. So we had 8 mobs plus 3 summoned creatures. Thank God Boon is overgeared! :)

It was amazingly fun. I didn't stop pulling for anything. Everyone had to catch mana as they could, the only mana bar I watched was Boon's. It was absolutely wonderful. No wipes.

On a side note, I discovered a good way of getting aggro back on Blackheart. Since you're meleeing things anyway as your bear, and Blackheart runs even the ranged classes into something approximating melee range... just stay put when Time for Fun is over. Blackheart will run to you, or someone near you. Don't waste your feral charge unless you really want to -- it doesn't stun him and half the time he runs past you before you can get your taunt off, or he's behind you by the time you get there.

I haven't been updating recently. I'll try to do better!

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