Monday, April 28, 2008

Overconfidence.. how I loathe thee.

As I mentioned earlier in my blog, KoU ran Karazhan in around 3.5 hours the other week. This was a guild first for KoU and got all of our hopes high that we would be moving on from the sludge that our Karazhan runs had previously been.

We had a few changeups in our roster for this week's run, but everyone who was in was well geared, experienced and good if not great at their job.

We made it to Curator in 3 hours.

What was the difference? Overconfidence, IMNSHO.

Last week we kicked ass, we took names, we asked no questions and accepted no lies.

This week, a few people tried to go at it like we were decked out in Black Temple gear (or new badge gear! OMG! WELFARE EPIX! I kid, I for one am glad of the new badge gear.). As a result, we wiped on TRASH. On 'did we just die... in that pull?' trash.

There's a fine line between moving fast enough and moving so fast that we're pulling multiple groups at once. Like I said... BT gear, okay to do. Our gear, not so okay to do.

Our lineup: Annuubis (war) and Kiltic (pally) as tanks (Kiltic is a former KoU member who came back to tank for us that night), Kiljara (priest: me) and Shougeki (shammy: Owaru) as healers (mana conservation? who needs that! mp5 is yummy), Dhark (rogue: Boon), Absitively (warlock: himself), Neshura (BM hunter), Ravensfire (rogue), Kennywpbaker (hunter, old KoU member), BigPoppi (fire mage).

We had a minor switchup right before Curator, BigPoppi's computer went out on him and so we substituted Zsasha (ice mage: Orzag) for the Curator fight.

On a plus side, there were a few hairy pulls that we lived through, which tells me that with a little more coordination, we probably CAN start to do the true chain-pulling (one tank has a group, second tank goes to get a group, etc).

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