Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rediscovering... 180!

Kikidas the Warlock is a death dealing shadowy dealer of death! She puts out lots of damage and is known for aggro stealing and hating tanks (and healers alike! LIFE TAP!). She's all dark and darkly glowy purple and black. She looks scary! (T4 helm and chest, T5 shoulders for those who can imagine that)

Are there scarier warlocks out there? Yes. But she's still scary.

Yesterday I decided that I needed to work on rep with my priest. Namely because I'm started to get a leeetle tired of tanking.

(on an aside, I went into Old Hillsbrad with Kathe in DPS gear. The epic rogue (aka my husband) was upset that in my poor blues and greens, Kathe had over 2000 attack power. He still out damaged me, but I could lord over my kitty-attack-power-bonus.)

So last night was heroic Slave Pens on our server as the daily. It's something that Absitively the warlock really wants a trinket out of. So we assemble! Tasogare the mage (aka Owaru), Dhark the rogue (aka Boon), Absitively the warlock (aka Absitively the warlock) and Kiljara the priest (aka Kikidas the death dealing shadowy dealer of death!).

And I'm smashing! I'm all glowy yellow and white. I bring people back from the brink of death and only in two instances from death itself. I match, too! Most of the hallowed set, the crown from Chess, the serpentcrest lifestaff (all glowy with the 81 healing enchant) and the primal mooncloth shoulders and belt. I look dignified and stately! Little sparkles of light follow me around as I heal people and shield people!

The best was when we were on Quag. I say to the group, you know... I don't have anything to remove poison.

And sure enough, everyone gets poisoned. But guess what a priest has? GROUP HEALS! Suckas. Er, I mean... gentle souls.

So I did a 180 last night. From death dealing shadowly dealer of death to little miss sunshine and light. It was fun. :)

On another aside, if you're past Rockmar and you need to run out of the instance (because, say.. you're being chased by 4 mobs?), use the water exit by Rockmar. They have to run around the instance. So as long as you keep bookin' it to the exit, they won't catch up to you. Then they teleport back to their original spot, which causes the stealthed rogue and invisible mage no end of concern as they wait for them to run back past them. This, incidentally, is fun to listen to.

"Go look if they've returned yet."
"No, you go look, I don't want to die."

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