Thursday, December 6, 2007

The worst wipes, and I don't mean the TP kind!

I was tagged by Bremm the other day and didn't realize it!

So, I need to try to recount the 5 worst wipes I've ever been witness to. This is a nearly impossible task! :) However, I will attempt to recall those FEW, nay, RARE times when I've ever been involved in a wipe. It will be hard, nearly impossible! But I shall try.

1: Heroic Slave Pens, not too long ago. My succubus had just died, in fact, I think I may have also, but anyway... I got rezzed, drank and ate, put my fel armor on. I mark the sheep. I mark the charm. I mark the skull and the X. The tank runs in. And I realize... where's my succubus? I don't take full credit for this wipe, since the X as well as my charm mob both went over and whacked the priest.

2: Curator. Multiple times. It seems no matter how often you tell people 'Stay along the back wall. He has a huge aggro radius', someone will still be dancing out on the second floor diamond. Not literally dancing, but you get my drift. Even more annoying? The soulstoned healer gets up. Runs to the back. Safely rezzes most of the party. Rezzes the person who is dead way up high, and you say 'Don't accept the rez until the Curator is safely past'. Can you guess what they do? Can you? You are correct! They do not safely wait!

3: Some Low-Mid Level Instance That I Don't Recall The Name Of. Overconfidence. Where you sit there and bang your head on your desk going, "That was dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb." You always stare at the screen for just a long moment going ... did I just really just die?

4: .... I can't think of any more! Aren't three enough? Isn't that enough soul-searching?

5: *cry*

I can't tag five people because I don't know five people. I'm a lonely lonely warlock.

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