Sunday, December 2, 2007

Aaaand I'm spent...

So, today I finally took the plunge. I respecced.

I am now 36/4/21. I took the points in suppression that I was waffling over, after reading about spell hit against raid/instance bosses. It's overkill on a lot of PvE things, but will help tremendously on things levels 72 and 73.

I kept improved imp and slapped one point into demonic embrace for some stamina. Man, I lost almost 1000 hitpoints! And I went down destruction all the way to Ruin.

Hopefully, with the additional reduction in threat that I get from destructive reach, I won't be getting whacked too badly.

Most of my affliction stuff hasn't changed, however, with a lot of my gear giving me +crit, I think the move to get ruin will help my overall DPS, since now my shadowbolts, immolate immediate damage and shadowburn all have improved chance to crit and improved damage when they do.

By the way, respeccing is scary! I kept going, oh God, don't hit the wrong button, right.. okay.. next click... don't hit the wrong button!

Recently, I've also made a few other decisions regarding my warlock. I'll get into those later though. Now, off to see if this PuG for heroic Black Morass is any damn good. Thank goodness for Armory! :)

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