Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Dreadsteed of Xoroth

I recently had the chance to revisit this quest line. First, I helped a total stranger do the quest, then I helped a guildy do the quest. For those who are unaware, any warlock that hangs onto the last three components, 'J'eevee's Jar', 'Xorothian Glyphs' and 'Black Lodestone', can use them for any warlock that's actually on the quest The Dreadsteed of Xoroth. Any warlock who actually has these items and doesn't hang onto them probably has a screw loose, or is stupendously rich. That's about close to 300 gold worth of materials in those three little items.

The first time (other than when I did it myself) that I did this, I asked him if he knew what to do and where to go. He said he did.

We get to Dire Maul and ... he didn't know anything. He didn't know what section of Dire Maul he needed to be in. He didn't know you had to destroy the pylons. He didn't know you had to kill Immol'thar. He didn't know how to summon the dreadsteed. He knew nothing.

I had to rely on memories that were probably close to a year old and a brief skim through on WoWWiki. I had people going off and doing the stupidest things (like attacking Tendris Warpwoodand when the patrols were still around) which would typically get me killed.

This, to say the least, was frustrating.

The second time, I helped a guild member go through, with several other guildies. This was quite enjoyable. :)

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm discussing the level 60 warlock epic mount quest. You have to do a lot of running around and buy a lot of expensive materials. Then after a brief jaunt through Scholomance, you head to Dire Maul. At the end of the quest, you create a massive summining circle. Imps and fel guard types spawn in numerous numbers and you need a warlock with the black lodestone to keep the summoning circle going (you need about 10 extraneous soulshards to do this, so don't go in with less than that.)

Doing this with a normal group was quite ... intense. I did it when I was in my low 60's, with my healadin husband and a few other guildies. Now that I'm 70, going in there was quite fun fun fun. And the summoning fight, while still intense, is rather more enjoyable than frantic. I remember the first time going 'Oh dear lord, when is it going to end? Aieeeah!'. Now I was going, 'Wait, did it end already?'

I have a good friend, Byouki (aka Owaru), who needs to do the quest. He's on the step before Scholomance, I believe. I keep telling him that he needs a fireyspikeyhorse, but he 'mehs' at me.

On a side note, my husband objects to me calling him a healadin. He says that compartmentalizes him and all others like him. He says he can tank and dps too. He wants to know if I want to be known as a dpslock. I said 'yes', and forebore to tell him that warlocks are also compartmentalized, we're affliction, demonology or destruction. So, rightly, I'm an afflock. ... which is not like Affleck. If Ben Affleck was a warlock, he wouldn't be affliction. He'd so be destruction. Probably destro-demonology, with demonic sacrifice for the extra damage.

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