Monday, December 3, 2007

The "Tank Hater" Build

Owaru has dubbed my new spec 'Tank Hater'.

We just ran heroic Blood Furnace with my shiny new spec. I'm in love. And I think, considering that Owaru wasn't pulling a lot with his shield of justice thingbob, due to sap being one of our forms of crowd control, that he held aggro wonderfully. I just need to be aware that I'm critting more often and for quite a bit more than I was previously, and be a little more careful about when I start shadowbolting.

On average, my shadowbolts appear to be doing about 200-400 more points of damage. My crits however, I have never ever seen my screen show a number that high, unless it's how much damage I was being one-shotted for. I think the highest was in the 5000+ range. It brought a tear to my eye. No, seriously. I had a tear. Even my immolate and shadowburn were critting.

I was in Gruul's Lair last night, and I was (according to my damage meters, which admittedly could be off, though I was synched) 3rd on the chart. Highest was a frost mage. Then was a rogue. Then was me. Considering the company I was in, I was very pleased with myself.

Which is hard to imagine, I know, me being smugly pleased with my damage output. :) What can I say. Every day I discover new ways to kick ass, take names, and make the tanks cry.

I should post on the K-Game sometime. It's fun and with infinite numbers of variables.

(Oh, and by the way.... I got to do my faaaavorite thing to Boon tonight. He got MC'd by The Maker in BF. Guess what I did? DEATHCOIL!)

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