Tuesday, November 13, 2007

PvP + Kikidas = Dead 'Lock

I was contemplating naming this blog 'PvP and Me and Why We Don't Agree', but I decided it was far too rhymy. (Yes, rhymy, if it wasn't a word before, is now. Deal with it. :)

The only time I have ever PvP'd was to get the war ram for my night elf warrior. Because I wanted a ram and I had just spent oodles of runecloth getting my night elf rogue her horse, I said to myself, "All I have to do is PvP a little bit, and I can get the ram. Free mount? I can handle that."

O. M. G. I about hated every PvP I did with the exception of Alterac Valley. Part of it is that the Horde PvPers seem to work together better than Alliance PvPers. Part of it was that I'd get into a Horde Song Gulch and look at the opposing team and they'd all be from the same server (which typically means the same guild!) and we'd die in two seconds flat and lose in five seconds flat. Part of it is that I'd get into a Arathi Basin and look at the opposing team and they'd all be from the same server (which again, same guild.) and before you knew it, they were camping us at the BG entry point graveyard, 5 capping us. The last part of it is that I seem to have the mental mindframe of PvE, and I cannot seem to make the mental twitch to get to PvP thinking.

It wasn't so bad in Alterac Valley, because I wouldn't PvP there, I'd do the PvE parts of it. I'd capture towers and help with graveyards, pretty much go offensive. That was kind of fun, unless a turtle was happening. :P

Well, yesterday a friend of mine asked Boon (holy pally) and myself (affliction/hybrid lock) to go PvPing with his ice specced mage. I went, because I was asked. I went, kicking and screaming and crying and weeping and generally being a pain in the ass (one of the many things that people love about me is my ability to complain about PvP, yet be resistant to the suggestion of 'if you don't like it, don't come!', to which I say 'Noooo, I'll goooo.' in a long suffering voice). One of the things about PvP that stuns me (and others!) is that it turns me into a potty mouth so quickly that people who normally group with me are left sitting, saying, "K? Did you just... curse? I don't believe it! Oh dear lord, my ears are bleeding!"

So, there I go, into Arathi Basin first! I can't tell you how many times a Horde 'lock would RUN and HOWL at the same time. Or a priest would run and scream. Or a warrior would run and intimidating shout. I don't have excellent stamina gear, I'm at just over 10k health with both fort and imp buffs, and my armor is laughable. So I go down like a wet tissue over sandpaper.

Aaaand we lost. Yay. :)

So, we try an Alterac Valley. That one was a bit more fun, because I did what I always do in AV, and ignored the enemy players and went after the NPC's. Dots, dots, dots, yay! I just had to live long enough since there aren't such things as tanks or healers wandering around healing me and keeping aggro off of me. But that wasn't so bad. There were usually enough other things hitting the mob that it was slow to reach me and quick enough to die.

I think a big problem is that I'm something of a competetive person. I don't like to LOSE. Losing/dieing in PvE is one thing. It's a matter of me doing my job better in some way. Still frustrating, but handleable. Losing in PvP isn't any fun at all! It isn't me doing my job WRONG, it's someone else doing their job BETTER than ME! (Hard to believe, yet, the evidence is overwhelming.) My job is to do dots. Dots dots dots!

So, I have reinforced my first impression of PvP as something I will avoid like the plague (which is still endemic in Colorodo. Just saying.) unless I make a hearty effort to switch my spec to something along the lines of demonology or destruction (or I suppose full affliction for unstable affliction, which has that nifty 'remove me and you'll take damage and silence yourself! Nyah!' aspect to it), make a heartier effort to get stamina and PvP gear, and somehow lose half of my brain.

On a side note... did you guys notice this little thing in the patch notes?

Primal Fury: This talent will now be learned correctly even if purchased while the Druid is dead.


  1. Heh. If I had known you were going to have such a bad time, I would have suggested that we just run an instance or something or level our lowbies. As it stands, I had a good time even if we got our faces smashed in at every turn!

  2. Oh, don't mind me. Half of my grumbling is just frustration. I do better when I'm working WITH people. :)

    I'll PvP again, with you, if you'd like. It's just not my favorite thing. The problem arises when we wind up splitting apart and being zerged.

    And I do turn into a potty mouth. :)

  3. Potty Mouth FTW. I'll bring my priest and heal you K. Just keep the big pointy Taurens off my squishie butt.