Friday, November 16, 2007

For Pony!

I've been on and off with my webcomics lately -- I used to read Queen of Wands (when it was updating), Something Positive, Two Lumps and VGCats.

Now, the only comic I read is
LFG. In Looking For Group, a quasi-WoW-thematic group goes off and has various adventures.

What I love the MOST about Looking For Group is Richard. Richard is an undead warlock (who has abilities that no warlock really has, but hey, it's a comic. Suspend belief! :) who wants to do nothing more than main, kill, slaughter, bathe in blood and have a good time, all in the name of Pony.

So, I hereby addict you to Looking for Group. In order to make sure the addiction sticks, I hereby make you watch this video.

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