Monday, November 26, 2007

5/5 Ranks in Advanced Hubris

As you may have noted, I tend to type with a vast degree of hubris. Warlocks >>> anything else. K >>> anyone else. However I type though, that is so very much not the case in real life. I tend to have some self-esteem issues, so I overcompensate by imitating two men who have no humility what so ever when it comes to their paladins, Owaru and Boon.

Owaru and Boon have this ongoing 'who is the better paladin' stream of consciousness no-joking aside tit for tat competition. It's vastly amusing for everyone listening on to listen to them. They pull random people into it and random people respond by poking gentle and sometimes not so gentle fun back at them. Each of them tout theirselves as the most awesome paladin and poopoo's the other as the least awesome (or 2nd awesome) paladin.

In my not so humble opinion (see title!), Owaru is the best tankadin I've ever partied with and Boon is the best healadin I've ever partied with. Toss in me (the best warlock EVER! See title AND see previous post to read this statement correctly), maybe BigPappi (a kickass Fire Mage) and some other type of good DPSyperson (Shadow Priests are nummy), and you've got the best group in existence!

You're only as good as the people in your group to a certain extent. If you have someone doing poor DPS, you're overall DPS in comparison is going to jump up. Instead of doing 25% (the other three DPS ideally doing also 25%), you'll be doing 33%. If you have someone doing insane amounts of DPS (and you know who you are...) other people's DPS will be lower in comparison. I can't put out the massive amounts of dots and DPS that makes me a happy happy warlock without a kickass tank to keep the mobs off of me and a kickass healer to keep me (not to mention the tank) alive.

So, what I'm saying is that.. my hubris is directly proportional to the abilities of the people I party with. So... since I'm the GODDESS OF WARLOCKS, what does that tell you guys about.. you guys?

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