Saturday, June 27, 2009

Resto Shaman PvP... I suck.

Kvasira hit 10,000 honor kills, has the full set of purchasable level 80 epic PvP gear, including trinket and cloak. The only thing I could work towards now is upgrading one of my rings and necklace to the epic form rather than the rare crafted ones. I'm also working towards getting one of the PvP mounts. 30 badges of each of the original three types. I'd have had it a long time ago, except I did a lot of concerted efforts instead to raise my honor faster to buy stuff.

So... I'm bored with that for the moment.

And I decide, given how much I bitch about resto/healers in PvP (opponents, love 'em when they're on our side), I'd take my shaman in and see how I can do with PvP there.

I have a LOT to learn. It doesn't help that I don't have ANY PvP gear with her (gonna craft myself the necklace/rings today). Once the Horde figure out that 1: I'm a healer and 2: I die like a baby mouse against a lion, I'm their preferred target to kill.

Granted, there were a few times where I sat there and said, 'Yeah, just keep hitting on me. While you're trying to kill me, my companions are killing you/capping the flag/assaulting the base.' If I don't get stunned, stunlocked or silenced, I can keep myself alive pretty easily.

I also have new respect for the healers I used to work with. Never again while I am running the flag will I leave them behind unwittingly. There's nothing nothing more annoying than having the flag runner get away from you because you're trying to stay alive, and then watch them die just out of your healing range.


So, resto pvp for me. Any suggestions?

Totems: Tremor (where appropriate) or Earthbind, Wrath, Cleansing and Magma?
Earthshield on myself (or flag runner with Watershield on myself).
And then just heal my tush off.

I'm having issues where I'll try to hit Nature's Swiftness and then a Healing Wave or Chain Heal and I can't get it off in time.

Part of my PvP problems arise from the fact that I don't use keybindings. I've tried in the past, and I just get confused. Now, some of that will go away if I just practice/practice/practice. And I may need to switch to that, and using the mouse to move instead of the awsd keys.

Yeah, I can hear you... yes, I use the awsd keys. And the qe keys. I'm a terribad player, I know.


  1. I use the awsd and qe keys to move. There are other ways?

  2. The mouse mainly, this leaving your fingers free to do nothing but hit keybindings.

    Currently, I have to click everything. Which isn't so bad if you're a DPS, but if you're a healer, healing multiple targets, it can make it tough. Click your healing spell, click the target. Thankfully, you can preclick your spell before your casting cooldown is done and then be able to be ready to start casting on the new person.

  3. It took a LOT of getting used to but I mainly use my mouse to move now when I'm in combat situations. It's probably the secret to my quickness in healing because I constantly have my left four fingers over the 1,2,3,4 key bindings, which are linked to heals and cleanses. Plus it's easy to have my forefinger hit 5,6, so I have those keyed to skills I use often as well.

    Using the mouse to move also allows you to turn instantly so if someone creeps up behind you, you can face them without having to keyboard turn.

  4. I happened to stumble upon this while looking for PvP resto shaman techniques to use in arena, thought I would put up my two cents.

    Personally, I use asdw to move, s and w for forward backwards, and then a and d for strafing. I use all keybinds, aside for buffs and have keybound almost all things to 1, 2, 3, 4, q, e, r, f, g, z, x, c, v, b, add shift to all of the previous, and then tab and capslock, which is trinket.
    I use my mouse to look around/turn myself around/etc and click to rebuff (buffs I usually put on the right hand spell bar) and drink. I also have minor totems that are helpful, but not used commonly enough on right hand side.

    It works pretty well for me. And I don't have to prioritize my keybinding, I just have to remember what key I have to hit.

    I also use a macro for Nature's Swiftness, it limits me to being able to use NS for only Healing Wave, but that's an intant 12K+ heal for me, which is nice and really can save your ass during certain instances.

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  6. Definitely make yourself some macros. In PvP, those extra key presses, or in your case, mouse clicks are killer. And macros are so easy to use, there is no excuse not to.

    /cast Nature's Swiftness
    /case [target=player] Healing Wave

    When it comes to the mouse vs keyboard, it really really is worth making the switch. I use the mouse for all movements. Hold down the left/right mouse button to run, then turn. My left hand is constantly over the left half of the keyboard where I have access to every spell / macro.

    For me, I use the main row (asdfgh) as offense, bottom row (zxcvbn) as defense and top row (qwert) as special.

    Take some time practicing that and you'll see a WORLD of difference.

  7. I actually use esf for movement. Usually 123456 are my least used spells, very situational. qwrtyadghzxcvb are enough buttons that I don't have to use shift, ctrl, or alt for anything. I also use tab and caps lock for trinks.

    I've tried using only the mouse for movement, but I rely on strafe to keep my opponent's "In front" of me while I run away even though I may very well not be facing them haha.

    Also macro's are god.

    I use smartbuff for my buffs. Just scroll my mouse wheel until all my buffs are up :P Free's space on the bar and less to keybind.