Monday, June 22, 2009

LFG Disc Priest. --> can u heal?

Now granted, discipline priests can do some interesting damage, but I'd be hard pressed to say that they're a 'DPS' class. Please do correct me if someone out there thinks otherwise, but when someone says they're a disc priest, I naturally assume that they're a healer.

I've discovered the joy of priestly healing once again, and in addition to leveling my hunter with Boon's shadow priest, and playing hordies, I've been pestering Boon to do some instances with me and my priest, so that I can heal heal heal heal!

It's like a puzzle. Heal X, Shield Y, Renew A... some combination thereof will allow us to get to the end of the instance with everyone alive.

I'm interested, once I hit 80, in trying PvP. A few of the things I HATE HATE HATE when I'm PvPing with Kvasira is running across a discipline priest, a resto shaman or a tree. Holy paladins are also annoying, but not NEARLY as much.

Maybe it's just that paladins are somewhat limited in our interrupts. We have a whopping two. No kick. No silence. No silencing shot. No fear. No deathcoil. Nothing. So put one of us against another and it's really just hoping we can burn them down when our HoJ is off cooldown.

Anyway... Boon is going out of town for a week, so I am going to be unable to instance with Kiljara. I'm not allowed to do any leveling without him. So I guess it's PvP with Kvasira, working on reputations and badges with Keiji and writing.

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