Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Faction Change

I'm sure by now everyone and their brother (or sister, let's not be sexist here) has seen this post, or some variation of it.

Now, the question becomes: how will they do it?

1. 'Makeover': Similar to how they currently let us redesign our race, new gender, new face, new etc... are we going to have transracial transformations?

a: How does this happen on a RP server? Nibuca has already humerously outlined potential pitfalls with this.

b: What if I'm an Alliance paladin... do I HAVE to become a Blood Elf paladin? And what if I'm a Horde shaman, do I then have to become a Draenei?

c: If I'm not limited like that and I could become an Orc paladin, what does that mean for people who are just starting out their orcs? Will they start to bitch: But I want to be an orc paladin too, without having to level Alliance! Or will Blizzard make all classes available to all races?

2: 'Racial Turncoat': They are out there. I mean, we already have humans in the Scarlet Crusade that are against the Alliance, and the Scourge against the Forsaken, and etc. So... let's go one step further, shall we?

a: Do we REALLY think that Thrall is going to let some whiny Human join his people? Or Varian Wrynn will let any despicable Orc join his?

b: It will make the appearance of battlegrounds a little more tough to navigate. You see a Tauren on the horizon... quick, check his name against the raid list, do you see his little dot on the minimap? He's too far away to see if his name is red, or green. Is he one of ours, or one of THIERS?

c: It will piss off the Horde in the Rampage battlegroup, that's for sure. Suddenly, all the little kids who don't want to play an ugly Horde, EW! (I'm with ya, little kids. And yes, BE's aren't ugly, but the girls cast/attack like sissies and the boys are prettier than the girls. That's just wrong. And besides, the bones in the Forsaken are put together all wrong. Inaccuracy FTL.), can now play their pretty/cool/awesome/whatever Alliance character, and go all emo and switch sides to the Horde. Suddenly, a Cho'gall Horde premade isn't as scary anymore.

d: The use of 'v' to bring up enemy nameplates will suddenly become MUCH more commonplace.

What do YOU guys think they'll do, and what problems do you think will arise from that method?

Boon personally thinks it'll be Option 1. I kind of hope for Option 2. If I wanted to play an Orc, I would have rolled an Orc.

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  1. I would assume it's going to be no different than Thrall/Varian bringing in a once murderous scourge into the fold in .2 seconds after talking with them. (Death Knights)

    But I don't think the "turn coat" it an option. They'll probably let you recustomize your toon just as they currently do. Personally, I don't have a problem with it. I love it because now I can play my bastard gnome mage again!!