Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moardots! Increasing DPS and Damage Done

No, I didn't respec UA, don't get your hopes up.

However, based on what I reviewed earlier, about spell rotation and the website I had found, I made a few changes to my casting rotation.

I removed Immolate. I added CoE. I slapped up Corruption and Siphon Life and then I SB spammed until it was time to slap up Corruption and Siphon Life again.

Due to this, not using improved CoA... I wonder if I should respec slightly, since the only reason to use Amplify Curse is on Curator for CoD and for CoA. I shall have to ponder.

What I noticed is that instead of about 35% of my damage coming from SB, it jumped to nearly 50%.

I also noticed that I was getting more use out of the Improved ShadowBolt debuff, as I was able to almost always hit the mob with 4-5 SB's by the time it wore off.

Now true, some of my increase in damage tonight in ZA was due to shamelessly gleeful use of SoC. *nummy* But one fight where I wasn't AoEing, I topped 1k DPS. *squee*

What doesn't help me is that every so often in a boss fight, I have to just stop casting. I'll have already used soulshatter, and I'm still passing the tanks on Omen.

Just imagine what I could do if I didn't have to stop casting. Or just imagine what I'd have to NOT do if I didn't have salvation and subtlty on.

Love. Warlock.

By the way, I switched to Recount. I really do like it. Not only does it tell you what your overall DPS is, you can select current fight, overall information AND if you select your name, it breaks down what abilities you use for the damage... and if you select an ability, it breaks it down for you in terms of hit, crit, miss, resist, etc.

So, just a friendly reminder kids... even if you think you're already doing the most awesome and the best and there's nothing you could possibly change to do better...

Yeah. You probably could do something better or different or tweak yourself just that extra little bit. Sometimes the difference between a boss dying and a boss living is a holy night elf priest using Starshards everytime it's up. (See, tweak! It isn't very many of the night elf healy priests that use Starshards whenever it's available. It's a skill that now costs no mana to use and is no longer channeled. So, unless you're having to spam heal your tank (which is sometimes what is going on!)... why not use it?)

Grow and evolve. Provide moardots. Make your raid leader happy. Make yourself happy!

There's a lesson in life in this too. This doesn't apply only to the game. Now, naturally, you can't really cast Starshards on your boss, as much as you wish you could... but in every aspect of your life... there's always room for improvement, even if you're already awesome. :)


  1. Recount is godlike. Small, simple, and easy to hide. I like being able to look at the different fights, or also check damage, healing done, healing received, etc for the different fights.

    Between Recount, Omen2 and Quartz its a tie for which is best.

  2. I think you're underrating how good a spell immolate is, personally.

    but, I could be totally wrong.

    Google Warlock dps spreadsheet and find Luelier (sp) and see what he has to say about it :)

  3. I used to love immolate. However, what I've found and read is that immolate for a afflock, isn't as good of a spell to cast as SB or UA and a lot of warlocks leave it out of their casting rotation.

    Obviously, they may be biased. I'm contemplating using recount to evaluate, finding Dr. Boom (I've said this before, haven't I? I have yet to do it. But I will try.) and playing around with spell rotation. We shall see.

  4. Do you have ruin and bane?

    I don't know your spec offhand to know for sure :)

    oh, and btw, I am loving the 0/40/21... I want to learn to raid with a pet. I'm terrible at it right now. ha.