Friday, August 1, 2008 ... do you know your scores?

Yesterday we were running Sethekk -- our tank was underleveled for the instance, but the rest of us were appropriate. 66 tank, 67 paladin, 68 priest, 70 warlock and 70 mage.

The mage told us he was an alt. We chimed in with, "So are we!" and then he asked us if we knew the site. We responded with, "Yup.".

He then told us what his score was ... presumably off the top of his head. I can't remember my score. I'm lucky I can remember my ATM pin number!

I felt a little ashamed... like maybe he was thinking 'Sure, they have alts. Right. No one who is really an alt would have a ret paladin because they know how stupid ret pallies are! Duh!'.

I have... a lot... of alts. I can't remember all their scores. Do you?

Besides which, I kinda like the setup of WoW Heroes better.

And actually, I'm going to change my armory profiles on my level 70's to profiles from WoW-Heroes.


  1. My problem with be.imba and wowheroes is that they have this too-simple way to grade gear/enchants. wowheroes flat out grades by item level alone (it doesn't even care what the goal of the item is; higher-level dagger > lower-level healing mace for a priest), which can really really steer you wrong. be.imba is a little more opaque with all the percentages but looks like it does something along the same lines.

    Shoot, now I have to post something along these lines, thanks for the idea. :)

  2. Healing priest, that is. (no comment editing!)

  3. Glad I could help you brainstorm!

    In terms of a good quick overview of a character though, they're useful.. especially if you're trying to pug someone for a raid or a heroic. Now, gear =/= playability, and so you can still be screwed over, so to speak.

    As people, we want to be ranked. There's WowJutsu for ranking guilds, arena ranking, titles, etc. We like being ranked, knowing where we stand against someone else and giving us something to strive towards.

    If all I had was that I was all geared out in pretty purples, but didn't know where I stood against another warlock... better or worse... I may never get it into my head to improve myself. If I have a number... a number that says "He's 20 points higher than I am! Nooooooooo!!!!"... well, instant goal and end-point. :)

    We're simple creatures.