Monday, March 28, 2011

Ungh, leveling blues...

I never thought I'd say this. Never ever. But I'm... burnt out on leveling right now.

There. I said it. I SAID IT!

Make fun of me if you wish, but I've hit outlands with my enhancement shaman... and I just can't do it again! I think the problem is that I keep having to stop there. I have my new DK that I pushed through outlands and is now in Northrend. I have my new druid that I pushed through outlands with D's new toon and is now in Northrend. I have a hunter that I pushed through outlands and is now in Northrend.

I really really want to play my enhancement shaman... I just don't want to do the quest/instance grind to get through outlands. My other option is to try to realm-transfer Karika and respec her enhancement for a while. Maybe also Kathe and respec her healing. I don't want to do that, because I think one of the things that helps me learn a spec is to level AS the spec. And ... well, I won't be doing that. But just don't think I can do it.

Karika is a level 80 resto shaman right now. Kathe is a level 80 bear right now. It would be a big change on both of them to abruptly change. But I could do it, I guess. *sigh*

Otherwise, things are going great. The game is still going good. The Nook is still delicious.

We're fostering a puppy. She's abso-friggen-lutely adorable! Even Chewie plays with her! Yoda is a grump. So he doesn't.

Work is going great. D is working with me at my second job, as a vet-tech! So that's good. :)

Scans on him went well recently. No masses, no regrowth, no recurrence.

Aaaand... that's that. For now.

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