Friday, July 23, 2010

A real post... Unsung Heroes

A game. Of course it's about a game! Silly.

My computer crashed and burned, so I'm on the old laptop. Work is going splendidly.

And life continues on.

We have a 8x7 corral in the living room for the bunnies, since we couldn't figure out how to cordon off the entertainment center and all the wires. Or the baseboards. :P

Fiver and Hazel are still fighting, though Fiver is indeed neutered now. Maybe slowly they'll stop... or rather, Hazel will stop. The little turd won't leave Fiver alone!

And the game... goes well. Boon is a wizard there too now. The game is flourishing. When I started, there were maybe 10 people on the game. Now we average probably 25+ individual players. We have maybe 35-40 PCs logged in (some are alts) every day.

It's ... fun. Work at times, since with a big playerbase now, everyone needs something. But fun. :)

It serves as a nice creative outlet for me. And a social game.

I have two great old (three if you count an NPC) favorite characters of mine there. Keisha Vorr, Kithan the Squib, and Yamuzi the Laboi.

*sigh happily*

Anyhoo... more to come, maybe. Not that anyone cares. :)


  1. Mention one Vorr and soon the other shall appear :) How's the old girl doing these days? Does she ever talk about her crazy, violent, lustful brother? Where has he disappeared to? Any sign of Ariana or Jaqyta Vorr? :)

    I was hoping that one of the races in SWTOR might be Vorr-able (as so far BioWare has only shown near-human races) but I don't know of any canon races that look like Kolnari. Also not sure what class 'Shan would be. Trooper? Smuggler? Maybe Agent?

    You mention writing and "your books". What are they? Again, if you are into writing Star Wars stories, then I invite/implore you and D to come check out (though you'll have to apply with a username before I can approve you to see our posts), where me and my LOTRO RP buddies are planning and writing about our SWTOR characters.

    So glad to hear D's surgery went well and that chemo is not necessary (at least I hope that is still the case).

  2. Hah, shows you how much I check this blog. :)

    It was never Jaqyta! It was Tima. You named her after Tima Edi. :) Or am I having some weird brain fart?

    Anyway, I don't really write star wars stories. I always play around with adapting Keisha Vorr in some way to a fantasy novel, and I'm doing it (slowly!)

    So far so good on D's outlook? I guess. :)

    <3 K *squish*