Friday, January 18, 2008


25 useful warlock tips -- some are PvP related. Some I know. Some I didn't.

Tip #26 (a K original): If you're using your succubus to seduce something and you get mind controlled, you can click the succubus' seduce button and she'll seduce you and keep you from doing something stupid like howl of terror'ing the group. :)

Yet Another Warlock Nerf - new blog that I found! Or rather, I followed the address at the bottom of a comment and then found it through that blog.

Mystic Chicanery - hi! Thanks for the comment you left. As a reward, I'm going to list you. If that's okay. If it isn't... sorry! I'll stop! I swear!

The Shadow Compendium - I sat there and said 'I've done that. And that. And that.'.

Altitis - I have altism. He has altitis.


  1. Hi K, thanks for the links.
    Regarding the Shadow Compendium, you linked my previous blog host which I plan to take down within the next couple of weeks - if you wouldn't mind, the post is now at and there to stay.


  2. I'll fix! :) (In a little bit, at work, can't fix right >now<.)