Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Reset Button"

My husband was pondering the other day that he wished that Blizz would instigate a reset button, that allowed you to drop your character's level to 1 but keep all the hard earned gear and rep that you gained throughout your trek to level 80 and beyond.

This way, you could get the joy of leveling your character all over again, yet not have to lose all the purplez. And Blizz would get to keep people in the leveling game! For people like me, who LIKE leveling, this would be ideal, right?

I suggested that he simply roll another paladin on Alleria. He has enough open character slots.

He admitted that is likely what he would do, and then Vialora chimed in and suggested that we all get a second account, so we'd have the refer a friend bonus and mounts, and make Horde DK's on Alleria! ... to which I said we'd have to roll something else, level it to 55, then make DK's because as far as I know, DK's are still account bound to 55+ players.

He sputtered and grumbled and then admitted that damn it, that's no fun.

They then suggested that we just start leveling together again, they'd each roll something and I could delete something and play with them.

To which I nearly had a heart attack!

DELETE one of my characters? Are they INSANE?

Not the least because I KNOW my husband... my Mage is still level 62 sir!

So we made a compromise. If he could prove to me that he would really honestly level this character and not just make it and let it stall out at level 12 or 14... if he could get this character to level 30 in a timely (timely for average players, not timely for me) manner... I would delete one of my currently lesser played characters to level with them. I'd catch up to them at level 30 and away we'd go.

At first he said that I'd never be able to catch up to them at level 30 if I was just starting out.. then he paused, laughed at himself and said, "Yeah, nevermind. Level 30 it is."

Honestly, it's the idea of NOT having my high level character hanging around just waiting for me to hop on and play that's the problem. I probably wouldn't mind leveling over again. I'll probably tear my hair out because Boon and Vialora won't be leveling as efficiently as I would want to! but meh, the sacrifices one makes for friends and husbands.

So the question is... who should I reroll?

Kava the rogue?
Kiya the hunter?
Keyami the warrior?

The likely classes of Boon and Vialora are going to be a retribution paladin and restoration druid.

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