Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years

Hard to believe that it's been ten years since so much about America has changed. There are things today that we never thought would exist, never thought that they would be so much a part of our lives that we just... let them go.

Increased security at airports. Terror alerts. Patriot Act.

I realize last year I didn't blog about the day. But the two years before that I did. And the year before that as well.

I'm not going to repost it. It's searchable on my blog if people are interested, under 'September 11'.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ungh, leveling blues...

I never thought I'd say this. Never ever. But I'm... burnt out on leveling right now.

There. I said it. I SAID IT!

Make fun of me if you wish, but I've hit outlands with my enhancement shaman... and I just can't do it again! I think the problem is that I keep having to stop there. I have my new DK that I pushed through outlands and is now in Northrend. I have my new druid that I pushed through outlands with D's new toon and is now in Northrend. I have a hunter that I pushed through outlands and is now in Northrend.

I really really want to play my enhancement shaman... I just don't want to do the quest/instance grind to get through outlands. My other option is to try to realm-transfer Karika and respec her enhancement for a while. Maybe also Kathe and respec her healing. I don't want to do that, because I think one of the things that helps me learn a spec is to level AS the spec. And ... well, I won't be doing that. But just don't think I can do it.

Karika is a level 80 resto shaman right now. Kathe is a level 80 bear right now. It would be a big change on both of them to abruptly change. But I could do it, I guess. *sigh*

Otherwise, things are going great. The game is still going good. The Nook is still delicious.

We're fostering a puppy. She's abso-friggen-lutely adorable! Even Chewie plays with her! Yoda is a grump. So he doesn't.

Work is going great. D is working with me at my second job, as a vet-tech! So that's good. :)

Scans on him went well recently. No masses, no regrowth, no recurrence.

Aaaand... that's that. For now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh wow, the obligatory 'been a while' post.

So... it's been a while!

I no longer admin at Unsung Heroes. Instead, D and I have our own place up at 1138 -- it's a split themed game, Old Republic and Rebellion Era.

It's doing swimmingly! 20-25 people on per evening, sometimes more. Most are individuals, we don't have as many alts on our game (most people just have two). We usually get over 150-200 noms a week. Which is pretty good, I think.

Some of the things we had tried to implement on UH but couldn't are now implemented, and working well, I think!

We filed for bankruptcy. Our house was foreclosed. D's brother is getting out from the hospital after having been split open with a MRSA infection.

Hypocrisy still irritates the heck out of me. I do one thing, one singular thing, and it's OMG WTF BBQ. Someone else does something, lots of somethings, continuously, and it's meh, no big.

I'm coming up on a year at my current duo of employment places. So far so good.

And that's really life in a nutshell. I'm back to playing some WoW, when I'm not RPing or running plots on Generations (our game). D is playing Rift. Big surprise there - the next MMO! He can't wait for Skyrim or whatever the next Elder Scrolls game is called.

Bunnies are still fighting, but we're working on it. Silly bunnies. You should be friends!

And... hrm. I can't think of anything else. Isn't that sad?

Friday, July 23, 2010

A real post... Unsung Heroes

A game. Of course it's about a game! Silly.

My computer crashed and burned, so I'm on the old laptop. Work is going splendidly.

And life continues on.

We have a 8x7 corral in the living room for the bunnies, since we couldn't figure out how to cordon off the entertainment center and all the wires. Or the baseboards. :P

Fiver and Hazel are still fighting, though Fiver is indeed neutered now. Maybe slowly they'll stop... or rather, Hazel will stop. The little turd won't leave Fiver alone!

And the game... goes well. Boon is a wizard there too now. The game is flourishing. When I started, there were maybe 10 people on the game. Now we average probably 25+ individual players. We have maybe 35-40 PCs logged in (some are alts) every day.

It's ... fun. Work at times, since with a big playerbase now, everyone needs something. But fun. :)

It serves as a nice creative outlet for me. And a social game.

I have two great old (three if you count an NPC) favorite characters of mine there. Keisha Vorr, Kithan the Squib, and Yamuzi the Laboi.

*sigh happily*

Anyhoo... more to come, maybe. Not that anyone cares. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What... the... hey?

So, I check my blog and I find out my last post had 18 new comments, all with strange characters, with one comment reading: 'if the quantity is not a lot, I will hand carry it', or something to that effect.

So... I'm sorry, but I have to switch over to moderated comments only. Because I have no idea what people were using the comments section of my blog for, but I don't like it.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Fox News

Save me. We now have TV. And Fox News.

I've seen more of Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck than I ever wanted to, and it's only been three days!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Stories and Writers Block

I have several stories. And lots of writer's block to go with them!
I've read where people say that you just need to sit down and get the words out, no matter how bad they sound. I can't quite wrap my brain around that concept. If it doesn't read right the first time, I assume it's trash and just junk the whole thing.

My bad, I suppose. Ah well, we'll see where this new set of stories winds up.

As for other things... new job interview completed. Let's see where it goes. Whee!