Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm going to be doing it again this year, but not entering it on NaNoWriMo...

For starters, last year I only got 25k words done in the book I was writing for the event, mainly because I stopped about halfway through the month for some reason. But I want to finish it, so I'm starting it up again... and I think that's against the rules. :)

For seconds... in July, for no reason what so ever, I started to write a new story and in a month I got it up to over 50k words. It isn't finished, by a long shot, but there it is.

I know I can do it. I just haven't been.

Well, even though I'm not in on the contest, it's a good imperative to push me into writing again. It also helps that because we're down to one car, and Boon and I have to share it, I'm at work two and a half hours before work actually starts... so I have nothing to do BUT write. So I will.

I brushed off the old manuscript and I'm going to reread it for a day or so - mainly to get back into the personalities of the various characters that I have written for the story. Should be fun. :)