Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Been a while...

Wow. It's been a while!

My main has pretty much switched to my restoration shaman. We're clearing TotC, Ony, etc, etc. Fun fun.

What have I been doing, I hear you ask, that would have taken me away from your eager reading of my delectable blog?

Or something.

Aion is one of those things. Borderlands is another. Star Wars text-based RPG's the third.

I have finally tried clique with grid. And it's nice when I don't forget that I have it. And it isn't nice when I have to open up clique to take off right and left click, so I can do group things like changing leader or even leaving the group! I still haven't found a way to quickly enable and disable clique so I can do things like that. Not to mention clicking on someone to open trade if they aren't in my immediate party, (/tar , /trade is what I have to do right now), etc, etc.

Aion is a pretty game. There are a few things about it that I'm not liking, but as well, in reverse, I go back to WoW and I go 'grr, so irritating. *X* is so much better in Aion!'. I seem to be liking the DPS classes there, and my cleric is not so much. Granted, when I was the cleric in a GROUP, it was much more fun. But when it's the two of us, not so much fun.

However, my Asmodian Sorceress and my Elyos Assassin are scads of fun.

Borderlands is a very fun RPS... RPS you say? Role-Play Shooter... RPFPS? Something like that. It's pretty fun, has quests, objectives, loot, all sorts of fun things. I play the Siren - because she's the only girl! But she's fun... with her phasewalk explosion. *giggle*

And then there's the Star Wars RPG. Some of it is nostalgia, I will admit that, but it's still scads of fun for me. I'm a GameMaster on the game that I'm on, so I get to make plots for other people (read: I get to do evil things to them, consequence free for me! ;) and .. *giggle* In the last week, I've been called 'scary evil'. *cackle* The sign of a good admin, people see you post something or @mail them something and they get nervous what you're going to do next! :)